The new Konecranes M-series open winch crane

A modular masterpiece for demanding processes

The Konecranes M-series crane introduces a new level of modularity, delivering the ultimate in power and reliability in perfect harmony. Smaller in size, but bigger in lifting, this crane provides a strong and compact winch full of automated systems and integrated Smart Features for challenging, heavy-duty overhead applications.
This smartly packed powerhouse has a lifting capacity of up to 70 tons. Our proven Core of Lifting components return high process performance and maximized up-time, while its modular architecture offers excellent accessibility for short inspection times and safe maintenance. Flexible enough for almost any industrial setting, the M-series is particularly suited to heavy process use.

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product features

Konecranes M-series cranes have the following standard features:

  • Core of Lifting components, including motor, gearbox and controls specially designed for crane application.

  • Extended Speed Range (ESR) allows the hoist to run at up to double the nominal speed, improving cycle times by up to 20%

  • Unique hoisting machinery suspension improves component lifetime, supports alignment and performance

  • Improved design of rope reeving decreases rope wear and extends equipment lifetime

  • Equalizing beam avoids load/bottom block twist with two independent wire ropes instead of one

  • No exposed rotating connection shafts or couplings eliminates misalignment, reduces wear and improves safety.

  • Load sensors and condition monitoring unit improves safety

  • Hook latch trigger makes operation safer and more efficient

  • Trolley layout supports compact approach dimensions and uniform wheel load distribution

  • Trolley service platforms provide safe access to all inspection points

  • Full range of features especially tailored to requirements.

  • Intuitive and ergonomic user interface gives operator full control at all times

  • Multiple control options:

    • radio controls

    • computer tablets

    • Remote Operating Station (ROS)

    • Crane Management System (CMS)


  • Energy-efficient special drives where braking energy is fed back into the power grid.

  • TRUCONNECT provides real-time data on crane condition and performance

technical specs



Lifting capacity

Up to 70 tons


Up to 45 meters


Lifting height

Up to 35 meters

Runway length

No limitation

Hoist speed control

Inverter hoisting with Extended Speed Range (ESR)

Crane control options

Radio remote control with tablet, cabin, or Remote Operating Station (ROS)

Girder design

Box girder

Trolley Supply

Flat cables or energy chain


EN A6 to A9/ ISO M6 to M8/ CMAA class D, E & F



Temperature range

-20° C to +60° C

Integrated safety functions

  • Hoisting safety limit switch
  • Overload protection
  • Hoisting motor thermal protection
  • Hoist over speed supervision
  • Hoist brake opening supervision (with SCM)
  • Hoist brake slip supervision (with SCM)

Integrated Smart Features

  • Extended speed range (ESR)
  • Load Floating for hoisting
  • Shock Load Prevention



Indoor or Outdoor


Konecranes M-series cranes offer the following benefits to operators and facilities:

  • High performance and reliability

  • Modular architecture allows adaptation to most applications and industries

  • Easy to maintain

  • Optimized floor space underneath

  • Software control improves processes at all levels

  • Easy and safe to operate for both new and experienced users

  • Improved efficiency, speed, and quality with tight control of material flow

  • Regenerative braking system reduces energy consumption up to 30%

  • Remote monitoring and digital platform, yourKONECRANES, help to plan ahead and maximize uptime

  • customer portal for access to all crane information

Consult our Crane Advisor for M-series

Crane Advisor is an online tool that offers recommendations based on your specific lifting-application needs. Visit Crane Advisor to see if M-series open winch crane suits your application.

Whole new level of modularity

The M-series is the most compact and modular big winch in the business. Built in various sizes for even the most demanding needs, with Konecranes reliability. The impact is big: winch performance and lifetime taken to a whole new level.

Heavy lifting redefined for your processes

The Konecranes M-series is an open winch electric overhead crane with a modular design that helps it adapt to all kinds of heavy-duty applications in almost any industry. As the world’s top supplier of industrial cranes, we offer a wide range of high-quality lifting equipment, backed up with comprehensive support from our worldwide service network. We’re global yet local, serving more than 600 service locations in nearly 50 countries.