EX manual hoists and trolleys

Reliable and safe manual equipment for hazardous areas

Konecranes EKM2 manual hoistsKonecranes EKM2 hand chain block and EKPT manual trolleys are cost-effective solutions for non-frequent lifting in explosive atmospheres. When you need special hoists for a short time during hectic work periods, this equipment is ready when you are. With specially protected surfaces and no need for electricity or cables, manual lifting reduces the risk of sparks under normal operating conditions. It is a safe and reliable solution for hazardous environments.

A galvanized load chain, a stainless-steel hand chain, copper coating, and powder painting cover metal surfaces to prevent wear and corrosion. ISO hooks with a safety latch, an overload limiter and rubber buffer ease load handling. The EKM2 hand chain blocks can have either a hook suspended, chain travel trolley or a push travel trolley. Combine the EKM2 hand chain block with the EKPT trolley to lift up to 20 tons in optimal manual operation.

Product features

The Konecranes EKM2 hand chain block and EKPT manual trolley have the following standard features:

  • Lifting capacity of up to 20 tons

  • Safety features:

    • Stainless steel hand chain

    • Copper-coated hooks and trolley wheels prevent sparks

    • Rubber buffers prevent collisions with runway end stops

    • Overload limiter

  • Galvanized and calibrated load chain; ISO hooks with safety latch to ease load handling, and hoists and trolleys powder painted for corrosion protection

  • Chain collectors, push trolley, and chain travel trolley or hook suspended hoists are available


Konecranes EKM2 manual chain hoist and EKPT manual trolley offer the following benefits:

  • Reduces hazards in explosive atmospheres
    • mechanical design minimizes the risk of sparks
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Convenient to have on hand, especially when not lifting daily
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Suitable for wide range of industry applications:
    • chemical and petrochemical plants
    • oil refineries
    • gas power plants
    • wastewater treatment plants
    • paint shops
    • any industrial site with gas or dust environment

Want to know more about EX manual products?

Contact us to learn more about how the Konecranes EKM2 and EKPT manual hoists can fulfill your lifting needs.

High level of performance and reliability

Konecranes EX equipment is specially designed for the demanding requirements of hazardous environments. Our design quality, technical expertise and after-sales service helps your equipment stay safe to run and fully operational throughout a long and productive lifecycle.

Stay safe and productive in hazardous environments

The EKM2 hand chain block and EKPT manual trolley are cost-effective, long-term investments in your business. Built to last using well-designed components, they offer you proven Konecranes lifting solutions for hazardous environments, allowing your operators to work safely when electricity is not practical or available. Take advantage of our technical expertise and maintenance services to minimize the risk in your workplace⁠, wherever you are in the world. We’re global yet local, serving more than 600 service locations in nearly 50 countries.


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