Konecranes X-series overhead crane

The next evolution in lifting

  • Our revolutionary Konecranes X-series crane combines forward-thinking design and cutting-edge technology for a crane that is not only safe, compact and reliable but can easily adapt to your needs—now and in the future—while providing maximum value for your investment.

    The Konecranes X-series crane was designed with usability in mind—stepless control and Smart Features mean safer and more accurate lifting and the radio with integrated display gives operators free movement and useful information right at their fingertips.

    The crane boasts lean, state-of-the-art electrical architecture. Smart, connected components streamline crane software setup and make it possible to later upgrade the crane with new features “over the air” without hardware changes—something that has yet to be seen in the standard crane industry.

    The Konecranes X-series will be available in the EMEA region in fall 2024.

Product features

Standard features on the Konecranes X-series overhead crane include:

  • Integrated radio control with display and stepless buttons
  • Integrated safety lights
  • Standard stepless inverter for hoisting and traveling movements
  • DIN hook and finger protection and handle on the hook block
  • Smart, wireless crane components that monitor crane condition, support Smart Features and simplify troubleshooting and crane software updates
  • Smart Features including Hook Centering, Follow Me, Snag Prevention and Sway Control
  • Optional TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring for crane condition, usage and operating information

Technical specs

Lifting capacity Up to 20 tons
Lifting height 36m
Span 30m
Crane options Single, double girder and under-running (not available with monorails)
Girder design Profile, box
Rope Synthetic or steel
Hoisting motor Stepless, 2-speed
Temp. range +5°C…+40°C
Environment Indoors (scope will be expanded)
Voltage 380-415 V / 48 V / 50 HZ, IEC
Hooks DIN 15401
Trolley type Low headroom, normal headroom, double girder
Power supply Energy chain or flat cables
Control option Radio, pendant
Control system Stepless inverter hoisting and traveling movements
Optional Collision avoidance, Smart Features such as Sway Control, Rope Angle Features including Hook Centering, Follow Me and Snag Prevention, TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring, crane tandem


The Konecranes X-series overhead crane gives you the following benefits:

  • Excellent approach dimensions for an efficient use of space.
  • Load handling is safer, smoother and more precise with integrated safety features.
  • Smart, connected components enhance safety and productivity, streamline crane software setup and updates and make it possible to later upgrade the crane with new features “over the air.”
  • Durable, purpose-built components work seamlessly together for prolonged lifetime and outstanding reliability.
  • The crane with the Konecranes S-series hoist is designed with components that use less steel, provider smoother movement to help prolong equipment lifetime and minimize idle time for less energy waste and a more sustainable solution.
  • The crane architecture simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting and supports predictive maintenance to help reduce unplanned downtime and improve equipment safety, productivity and lifecycle value.

A great crane needs a great hoist

Konecranes S-series low headroom hoistWhat makes the Konecranes X-series crane even more remarkable is the new Konecranes S-series low headroom hoist. This compact hoist boasts excellent approach dimensions and smooth stepless lifting with load dependent lifting motor for the ultimate user experience and shorter cycle times.

Strong, lightweight, durable and clean synthetic rope improves the lifting experience by making it safer and easier to handle because it doesn’t fray or produce sharp barbs like steel wire rope.

The hoist also features integrated Smart Features to enhance your safety and help increase productivity with shorter load cycle times—especially useful for inexperienced crane operators. Safety also gets a boost from a safety light on the trolley that provides a visual signal of crane movement in the workspace to nearby personnel.

Smart Features like Hook Centering, Snag Prevention and Follow Me can significantly improve safety and cycle times. 
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Konecranes CANMAN radio for cranes

Ergonomic, user-friendly radio with display

Radio controls can improve operator safety and efficiency. The Konecranes X-series crane radio has an easy-to-ready display that indicates the lifted load, active Smart Features, battery life and other useful information. True stepless buttons help increase safety and accuracy, especially during slow and demanding lifting operations.

Radio control lets the operator choose the safest place to operate the crane and gives them better load visibility. And having load display in the operator’s hands provides visual confirmation of the load to help prevent overloads. With greater flexibility and improved user ergonomics operators can manage the load more precisely and swiftly so load handling becomes more efficient.

Konecranes Portal with TRUCONNECT information

The power of data

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring provides the visibility you need to fully understand the day-to-day use of your cranes. Your TRUCONNECT data combined with inspection and maintenance information can help you make informed decisions on maintenance, safety concerns, productivity, training, and service and equipment investments.

You can see your TRUCONNECT data summarized in easy-to-read graphs and charts on the Konecranes Portal. If you have a Konecranes service agreement you can also see reports from your service visits, open safety and production risks and even an overview of spend by service type.

Maximize crane reliability and performance

An active service program is vital for the safety and productivity of your cranes. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance help identify risks and opportunities for improvement while supporting compliance with safety regulations. 

Service programs tailored to your operations Preventive maintenance conducted at regularly scheduled intervals can often be the most effective way to maintain and potentially extend the lifespan of your cranes. Our experts can help you build a service program—from basic inspections to a comprehensive maintenance program—tailored to your operations.

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