Cask transporters

Moving spent fuel more safely and controlled than ever before

The latest generation of Konecranes spent fuel nuclear cask transporters are designed to safely and efficiently handle most nuclear dry storage casks. To provide you with a high level of safety, load drop protection is standard, and the ergonomic controls simplify operation. Our transporters are available in both rubber tire and track-driven designs capable of handling up to 350 tons and offer the smallest possible turning radius, including full rotational capability. They can be easily shipped to locations worldwide in standard shipping containers and are specially designed for simple assembly in the field in just one day.

Increase productivity with user-friendly operator controls

You put your nuclear cask transporter operator in control of your valuable spent fuel containers, so we provide the comfort and ergonomic support he or she needs to operate with the speed and precision needed to maneuver casks. The joystick controls are ergonomically placed to provide easier operation. Our comfortable operator chair prevents fatigue and, most importantly, it is equipped with multiple interlocking safety features.

Unique design prevents roadway and haul path damage

Due to their tremendous size and extreme mobility, track driven cask transporters have a reputation for damaging haul path surfaces and plant floors, which can result in expensive maintenance repairs. Konecranes solved this problem with a rubber tire propulsion design, with aircraft quality tires that are filled with foam instead of air. These 26-ply tires are made from natural rubber and are resistant to dry rot and cannot go flat due to air loss. These tires are suitable for use on asphalt, concrete and compacted gravel.

Safety through load drop catching system

In the unlikely event of a lifting system failure, the cask transporter is equipped with a safety catching device that is integrated with the lifting system. This device, which is designed to be failsafe, can safely stop and hold the load in the event of a failure, such as a complete power loss.

Smooth drive control, without lurching

Heavy-duty hydraulic motors provide high torque at zero speed which produces extremely fine driving precision without start-up lurching. The hydraulic drive system utilizes synthetic oil and never requires changing under normal operation.

Customized cask transporters available

In addition to our standard transporter design, Konecranes offers a complete range of customized cask transporters employing rubber tire and track driven propulsion systems suitable for virtually every configuration of vertical and horizontal dry cask storage system. Contact Konecranes and let our experts build the exact transporter you need to provide maximum productivity and safety for your facility.

Cask transporter features

  • Nuclear quality compliant
  • Redundant travel motors
  • Foam filled aircraft type tires cannot go flat
  • Real-time operator feedback maximizes reliability
  • Direct access to maintenance points
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Modular design simplifies maintenance
  • Load drop protection system
  • Fail-safe operator controls
  • User monitoring system
  • Overload protection system
  • Operator interlocks provide added safety
  • Design based on total cost of ownership
  • Designed to minimize maintenance
  • Standardized industrial components
  • Designed to minimize damage to roadways
  • User-friendly operator controls
  • Precise positioning and steering capability
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Adjustable lifting beam for various cask configurations
  • Guide rollers for precision movement of lift tower