TRUCONNECT information on yourKONECRANES

Make informed maintenance decisions with TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring information 

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring data is aggregated at along with your inspection and maintenance data giving you a comprehensive view of equipment maintenance needs and performance.  

Analyzing and identifying anomalies, patterns and trends in TRUCONNECT data helps you make informed maintenance decisions and prioritize actions. 



TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring 

TRUCONNECT summaryCondition monitoring shows the current condition of the components, any risks related to safety and production, and the estimated remaining service life based on the usage history. Condition monitoring can also be used to check the component replacement frequency, which provides a clear indication of upcoming maintenance needs and how changes in the operator's actions affect the service life of components. This information can be used to plan and schedule preventive maintenance in order to improve safety and reduce unplanned downtime. 

The Alert Pareto analysis displays and ranks the most important causes of alerts related to the safety and usability of the crane. Alerts are ranked cumulatively from the most frequent to the least frequent alert. A cumulative trend depicts the proportion of the total alerts of each specific cause relative to the total number of alerts. A 20/80 rule can be formed to show the 20% of the causes that are responsible for 80% of the problems. In other words, the 20% of the most common causes are responsible for 80% of problems related to safety and/or production downtime. 

Operating Statistics show how different crane operating patterns affect the safe operation and condition of the crane and the service life of critical components. Operating patterns can significantly influence the service life and safety of individual components. You can also see usage rate differences between different hoists and the subsequent differences in their remaining service life. This information is designed to promote appropriate operation in order to achieve optimal results in terms of the safety, service life and maintenance costs of the crane investment.  



TRUCONNECT Brake Monitoring 

TRUCONNECT Brake summaryThe Brake Monitoring Unit measures the opening current of the electromagnetic disc brake. It is an indirect indication of the brake air gap and friction material wear. The brake opening current of a new hoist brake or friction material(s) is expressed above 50%, according to air gap adjustment. As the air gap of the brake increases, the value decreases toward 0%. You can also view alerts of electrical faults and mechanical faults.