Protected Areas

Overhead crane protected areasProtected Areas for optimal crane movement

With the Working Limits feature from Konecranes, you can set up temporary limits to help avoid collisions with walkways, loading stations or mechanical structures. These limits can be bypassed as needed by the crane operator with the simple turn of a dial on the handheld controller. In contrast, Protected Areas set up permanent “no-go” zones to block the crane’s movements in certain areas in certain areas of the plant that cannot be bypassed by the crane operator.

Protected Areas are ideal for protecting production machinery, control rooms or other working areas from the crane. Up to 16 rectangular Protected Areas can be created per crane, which provides facilities with coverage for areas around their most travelled walkways, critical machinery and production zones.

Protected Areas were developed to decrease the possibility for operator area and maximizing the effective operating area of the crane. Without the ability to bypass the Protected Areas via the handheld controller, the crane operator does not have the option to risk the movement of the crane into a Protected Area, even if it would provide the operator a temporary-but-potentially-dangerous “short cut”.

Easy control for crane operators

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Since the Protected Areas are set up using the Service Display Unit instead of the controller, the operator does not need to worry about setting the limits while the crane is in motion. He or she can operate the crane normally, focusing on the movements of the crane and the load, and the Protected Areas are avoided automatically. However, operators should always take into account the shape of the load and always keep visual contact with both the crane and the load.

Block busy areas from crane access using Protected Area technology. Contact Konecranes for a quote for adding this optional feature to your SMARTON or CXT crane.