Products and concepts

Supporting our customers in reaching their low-carbon targets

Konecranes has over 80 years of experience about manufacturing equipment and how to maintain them in good shape and condition designing for repeated use, repair, maintenance, and reassembly using standard parts. We focus on eco-efficiency, continuously improving the environmental performance of our products, processes and services. We also offer advanced tools to improve the productivity, serviceability and lifetime of the equipment utilizing digitalization.

We enable our customers to shift to a low-carbon future with our offering while decarbonizing our own operations. By providing low carbon and eco-efficient solutions and extending product lifecycles with service concepts, we are able to support our customers in reaching their low-carbon targets. Building our processes around circular economy principles helps us improve our resource and energy efficiency while creating value for the customer by reducing their carbon footprint. We have energy-efficient products available in all product segments and focus on continuous product development and technological improvements. To provide accurate data on the environmental impact of our solutions for decision-making, we calculate our products’ energy consumption and CO2 emissions and critically assess this data with the help of a third party (as part of our Environmental Product Declarations).

We design our products with their complete lifecycle in mind, as the majority of the environmental impact of a product’s lifecycle is defined at the product design stage. Our product design is based on smart design principles focusing on repairability, durability as well as material and energy efficiency. Usability, eco-efficiency, and safety are our guiding principles in product design, along with lifecycle thinking.

Konecranes has activities that qualify as environmentally sustainable according to the EU Taxonomy Regulation. Read more from the non-financial information (NFI) from the Governance and Financial Review 2023. We are working on aligning our reporting and communications on low carbon solutions and defining our portfolio´s EU Taxonomy alignment.

Port Solutions

In Port Solutions, we provide cutting edge technology to the market with our solutions that enable our customers to shift to a low-carbon future, accelerating circular economy. For diesel-powered vehicles we provide innovative power options from hybrids to full electric and battery technology with additional energy-saving features. Container gantry cranes, ship-to-shore cranes (STS), mobile harbour cranes (MHC) and automated guided vehicles (AGV) are available as fully electric. Konecranes also offers an electric forklift and is actively developing new electrified equipment alternatives.

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Industrial Equipment

Our Industrial Equipment offering concentrates on energy and material efficiency, as well as repairability and recyclability. Our industrial crane products are fully electric and our products are designed with their complete life cycle in mind.

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Our service business advances circular economy by focusing on extending product lifecycles with a comprehensive and systematic approach to maintenance. We offer a wide range of services that support sustainable operations including retrofits and modernizations for improved performance and energy efficiency and predictive maintenance and remote monitoring for optimized maintenance planning.

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