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Konecranes has over 80 years of experience about manufacturing equipment and how to maintain them in good shape and condition designing for repeated use, repair, maintenance, and reassembly using standard parts. We focus on eco-efficiency, continuously improving the environmental performance of our products, processes and services. We also offer advanced tools to improve the productivity, serviceability and lifetime of the equipment utilizing digitalization.

In order to achieve significant improvements in environmental performance, we take environmental considerations into account for the entire lifecycle of our products. Usability, eco-efficiency, and safety are our guiding principles in product design, along with lifecycle thinking. In our conjoined product offering we can provide innovative power options such as hybrid and battery technology and other energy saving solutions such as regenerative braking. We utilize the Design for Environment concept (DfE) in product development, which, among other aspects, considers the modularity, durability, component repairability and recyclability of products. By constantly seeking new combinations of raw materials and components, developing smart features and finding ways to improve energy efficiency, we can reduce the environmental impact of our products’ lifecycles. The environmental impact can also be reduced by applying improvements and retrofits to existing equipment. We support circular economy by developing our service business to enhance its ability to maximize the lifecycle value of products.


Ways to decrease the environmental impact with our offering, features and services:

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