If intermodal is about bringing a trackable, secure, and safe material flow to inland logistics, then Konecranes offers the tools to do it. The tool can be relatively simple, like a reach stacker. Or it can be large and relatively complex, like an RMG or an RTG. Or another kind of container handling equipment. If the job extends to warehousing and logistics the tools can be overhead electric cranes, or software for controlling warehouse logistics. No company offers more for intermodal than Konecranes. Dig in. You’ll find the tools you need.

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Konecranes RMG for extremely accurate and efficient container handling with the clearest view to the operator in intermodal

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Konecranes RTG cranes are designed for space-saving container terminals requiring top container handling performance

Lift Trucks

Explore our lift trucks

Konecranes is a very experienced provider of lift trucks optimized for intermodal operations

Mobile harbor crane loading a crane

Explore our mobile harbor cranes

Konecranes Gottwald Generation 6 Mobile Harbor Cranes are setting new standards in handling cargo of all types, in a wide range of terminals.


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The intermodal operator can use Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers to reduce the number of container handling machine types and interfaces. Strads do both horizontal transport and stacking.

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We provide an extensive range of cranes, for light duty applications and demanding processes.

Automated Agilon warehouse ABB Motors and Generators user storing package

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Agilon® automated warehouse - manage and handle thousands of packages efficiently

Intermodal terminal operating system

Explore our TOS for intermodal

The Terminal Operating System (TOS) from TBA Group allows you to control and optimize the movement and storage of containers in around around your container terminal. Make better use of all your assets, labor and equipment, plan your workload and receive real-time information that enables cost-effective, improved decision-making.

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Konecranes is the premier port service supplier to brownfield and greenfield container terminals, including intermodal terminals. We're continuously developing a range of services that help container terminals to adapt and thrive in a continuously changing environment.

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Core of Lifting

Core of lifting


The Core of Lifting is an integrated package of gears, motor and controls, designed by Konecranes in-house specifically for cranes and lifting motions. We also design the interaction between the key components and the software, as a whole, specifically for lifting.


Konecranes Ecolifting


Ecolifting is Konecranes’ long-term vision to fully electrify its product offering for container terminals and intermodal terminals.

Spare Parts

Port Parts Warehouse

Covering all Konecranes equipment, our Port Parts Centers ensure port parts distribution across the globe. Our online stores give you insight into stock availability across all of our equipment. 

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Avolution of intermodal

Konecranes has the widest and deepest offering in container handling. It’s the widest in terms of the breadth of the product portfolio, ranging from heavy-duty lift trucks to manned container cranes to fully-automated yard crane systems.

Intermodal stories

Camel caravan in the desert

Logistics: A new way to get there

Global trade is booming. Yet supply chains can be fragile, as the recent blockage in the Suez Canal proved. What if there was a different way to deliver goods? 

Ports close to cities

The strong, silent type

As global trade expands, some container terminals have been moving closer to urban centers for easier intermodal logistics. Their 24/7 operations are full of industrial equipment making noise that affects nearby residents. Although crane operators can be protected from it inside insulated cabins, other on-site personnel can be exposed to loud noise up close for hours every working day. 

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Path to intermodal automation

The Konecranes path to intermodal automation gives intermodal operators great flexibility to design automation into their processes. A wide range of container handling equipment is in play, from RMG cranes with automation, to horizontal transport machines including Konecranes Noell A-STRADs and A-SPRINTERs, and Konecranes Gottwald AGVs and Lift-AGVs. It also includes simulation, emulation and software from TBA Group.