CGI Terminal

Bulk, Breakbulk & General Cargo Terminal Operating System (TOS)

For bulk and multi-purpose terminals

Terminal operating system suitable for handling coal, ores, grain, agri-bulk, general cargo, RO-RO, liquid bulk, marine and more.
Container terminal operation

Container Terminal Operating System

For marine and inland cargo terminals

Control the movement and storage of containerized cargo in real-time
Digital Port

Emulation Software & Services

Tune the TOS using a virtual model of your terminal

Advanced simulation, validation, tuning and training tools that create a realistic virtual environment for testing and optimizing your…

Equipment Control System (ECS)

Schedule and operate any type of automated container terminal equipment

Real-time equipment control system for all crane and AGV automation assets across the terminal that ensure stable, efficient and high…
Container Terminal

Intelligent Apps

Improving safety and performance

Applications to support terminal operators in their work with their terminal operating system (TOS)


Expert process and operational performance improvement across terminal operations

A systematic and data-driven approach to bring best-practice to your terminal. 
Software Training

Software Training

Customized digital and face-to-face TOS training

TOS training that spans all operational areas, including vessel planning, yard planning, dispatching and execution.