3d steel factory
Steel Industry Process Flow

We know the steel making process

We work with you to lift heavy and dangerous items throughout your operation, from moving iron ore and recycled steel to pouring hot metal and shaping products in the rolling mill.

Equipment for the metals industry

Konecranes steel ladle cranes

Double-girder ladle handling cranes

These cranes transport ladles of molten metal to the furnace, or molten metal from the furnace to the continuous casting machine, so safety and reliability come first.

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Konecranes ruukki 220-60t charging crane

Four-girder charging cranes

Our charging cranes are well suited for the flames, radiated heat and brief, intense heat of the charge itself. Especially when load is molten metal, safety and reliability are our top priorities.

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Jebens magnet handling

Slab and billet handling cranes

These high-speed, heavy-duty production cranes take hot slabs, billets or blooms from the continuous casting machine conveyor and transport them to the storage area or feed them to the rolling mill.

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Coil and Plate Handling Cranes

Coil and plate handling cranes

For transporting bars, plates or coils in the rolling area, these high-speed cranes can be equipped with a variety of lifting devices for handling many different material types.

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2a steel scrapyard

Scrap handling cranes

These high-duty, high-speed cranes load scrap into buckets for transport to the melt shop. Due to the high dust, noise and vibration levels typical in the scrap yard, we pay special attention to the crane operator’s safety.

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Men with overhead crane

Overhead cranes

Backed up with the latest technology

Industry-leading crane technology that meets light and heavy industrial lifting needs up to 500 tons.

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Material handling reformed

Agilon® is a multi-award-winning and patented, automated material handling product and service, that gives you exact information on your materials in real time.

Agilon's advanced modularity optimizes in-house logistics and increases transaction capacity and storage area. Agilon can be installed to your existing premises and expanded according to your need


Lift trucks and reach stackers

The Konecranes lift truck and reach stackers are versatile tool for transporting steel products. Our lift trucks are available with lifting capacities from 10 to 65 tons and reach stackers from 35 to 80 tons.They can be equipped with useful lifting attachments for moving heavy loads through irregular travel paths and areas where space is limited.

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Expertise for the metals industry

3d steel factory


Improves productivity and cost efficiency

The automated functions of our cranes can help streamline operations while improving safety, efficiency, ease of use and overall productivity.

Warehouse Management System for coil storage

Warehouse Management System for coil storage

Our Warehouse Management System is designed for managing an automatic coil warehouse.

ROS_2021_3D_with Human

Remote Operating Station

Improved safety and functionality

Our Remote Operating Station (ROS) is a multifunctional electronic desk that can show real-time camera views of your crane’s operating environment as well as crane- and process-related information. It allows your crane to be operated from a distant control room away from the crane operating area, and without a direct line of sight to the crane.

Service for the metals industry

Remote Monitoring metals industry

TRUCONNECT Remote Service

Get connected to your crane

Remote monitoring helps you make maintenance decisions based on actual condition which means you can schedule service around your production schedules. Learn more

Fork lift in parts distribution center


Parts for all makes and models

When it comes to parts and service, it doesn’t matter who made your crane. We offer genuine Konecranes spare parts as well as replacement parts for all other makes and models. Learn more

Konecranes RailQ model

Consultation Services

Advanced technology and trained specialists

Consultation Services take a deeper look at your crane to help address questions around runways, crane geometry, crane condition, remaining design life, rope reeving and hook fatigue. Learn more

Customer reference stories

Rautaruukki Corporation, Finland

Increased demands call for new crane

Konecranes works with customer to design new hot metal crane fitted with Sway Control and Target Positioning to increase safety and meet increased production demands.

Alaskan Copper & Brass Co., United States

CXT cranes and service program reduce maintenance cost by 60%

New facility gets new equipment and aging cranes go from weekly repairs to a systematic program of monthly inspections to help make significant reduction in maintenance costs.