Automated RTG (ARTG) System image

Automated RTG (ARTG) System

Konecranes is the first company in the world to offer ARTG systems on a large commercial scale for both greenfields and brownfields.

Automated RMG (ARMG) System image

Automated RMG (ARMG) System

Konecranes ARMG systems are working productively and reliably at some of the world’s leading automated container terminals.

Ship-to-Shore Gantry Cranes image

Ship-to-Shore Gantry Cranes

Not the cheapest, but probably the best.

Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes image

Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes

You will find your ideal RTG in our range of Konecranes RTGs and Konecranes Noell RTGs.

Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes image

Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes

RMGs for high-intensity container handling in intermodal yards and container terminals.

Straddle and sprinter carriers image

Straddle and sprinter carriers

Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers and Sprinter Carriers are known for their well-rounded high performance.

Mobile harbor cranes image

Mobile harbor cranes

The Konecranes Gottwald range of mobile harbor cranes extends from models fulfilling standard requirements to very high-performance models.

Software by TBA

Software by TBA

TBA Group is a leading international provider of proven  software and service solutions concentrating on marine, intermodal, container and bulk terminals as well as providing software for warehouses.

Container Handling


We argue that Konecranes is leading the way in container yard automation. We back it up with a proven automation concept applied in numerous ARMG installations. And by providing the world's first ARTG system on a large commercial scale. And by providing every automated horizontal transport option, including Automated Terminal Tractors.

Feel the power of de-coupling the crane and operator

Remote operations

In the container handling industry, automation is unquestionably a megatrend. Konecranes is in a leading position, actively driving this forward. However, automation is not the only way for ports to improve productivity and safety in container yards.


Lifetime support

We meet your demand for maximum uptime, performance, reliability and safety while reducing the total lifetime cost of your container handling equipment.


TRUCONNECT® remote service

TRUCONNECT® remote service provides 24/7 access to a global network of crane experts and specialists who solve problems and help to reduce downtime.

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