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Why choose Konecranes

How useful would it be if you could check the condition of your overhead crane, its critical components and its operating history whenever you wanted to? Would you want to be alerted if your crane was being operated incorrectly or outside of established safety parameters during any part of its work cycle? 

The latest automotive lifting technology

The latest automotive lifting technology

Most Konecranes overhead travelling cranes can be loaded with Smart Features, software that gives you control of the material handling in your production processes.

Save time with semi-automation

Save time with semi-automation

Semi-automated lifting is a key factor helping automotive manufacturers establish and sustain quality and customer satisfaction.


The cranes

Konecranes offers a range of lifting equipment options that covers every need in the automotive industry – from cranes for the stamping area, manipulators for the assembly line or lift trucks and reach stackers for handling steel plates and coils.


Keep your production running smooth

We know that any problem with your cranes could affect your whole production line. Our preventive maintenance, swift on-call services and spare part availability help keep your cranes and your production going strong.

Remote service

TRUCONNECT® remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring gives you visibility to your crane usage and operating data, helping you make decisions about maintenance investments and productivity.

Customer story

Konecranes and Renault Auto Company

“SMARTON® has made a big difference… From the time the load is picked up until it reaches its destination, we’re saving about three minutes.”

Robert Averel, Production Manager at Renault