Equipment for the paper and forest industry

Vacuum lifter for paper rolls

Vacuum Lifter for Paper rolls

An automated vacuum lifter can optimise efficiency and accuracy of handling, transport and storage of paper rolls. Learn more
Mechanical Roll Gripper

Mechanical gripper for paper rolls

A slim mechanical gripper handles rolls gently with adjusted surface pressure and maximizes warehouse capacity through efficient use of…
 Woodyard Cranes

Portal, Storage and Woodyard Cranes

Konecranes portal cranes combine unloading, transporting and decking of materials in one efficient operation. Learn more
Parent Roll Handling Cranes

Parent Roll Handling Cranes

Konecranes dry end coater and winder cranes can handle all process machine output quickly, with the precision to transport heavy rolls…
Maintenance Cranes

Maintenance Cranes

Cranes needed for process equipment maintenance are typically wet end cranes, coater cranes, deinking plant cranes, vacuum pump maintenance…
Workshop Cranes

Workshop Cranes

Mechanical and roll grinding workshops need lifting equipment for supporting functions. This equipment can include roll grinding machine…
Auxiliary Cranes

Auxiliary Cranes

Every paper mill needs lifting equipment that performs lifting functions like raw material handling and machinery maintenance functions…
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Material Handling Reformed

Expertise for the paper and forest industry

Warehouse Management System

Efficient use of space and time

A warehouse management system can help you increase your productivity and minimize lost or damaged rolls.
Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

Streamline Your Storage Handling

Konecranes Automatic Storage and Retrieval System helps you increase productivity with faster handling capacity and effective warehouse…
Automation in Paper Industry

Automation in Paper Industry

Improved safety and productivity

In several critical areas of the mill, automated cranes can help optimize storage, track inventory, reduce roll damage, increase…

Service for the paper and forest industry

Technician and customer

Service programs

Minimize unplanned downtime and increase reliability

An effective maintenance program can help address potential maintenance issues before they spoil production, compromise employee…
TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

TRUCONNECT Remote Service

Get connected to your crane

Remote Monitoring helps you make maintenance decisions based on actual condition which means you can plan service around your production…
Konecranes technician works on crane modernization

Crane Modernization

Give aging equipment new life

When your crane begins to show its age or you need to increase the speed and lifting capacity of your crane, a modernization may be a…

Customer reference stories

Metsä Fibre, Finland

Tailor-made solution for optimized product flow

Konecranes helps the largest wood processing plant in the northern hemisphere automate the delivery process with a tailor-made and fully automatic solution for loading trains.

Paper mill, United States

Critical service provided on-site

On-site service technician and customized preventive maintenance plan drastically reduces downtime at paper mill.