What sets Konecranes Service apart?

At Konecranes, we focus on the entire lifecycle of a crane. This approach not only improves the safety and productivity of our customers’ operations, it also lowers their lifetime cost of crane ownership.

More than 600,000 assets around the world are supported by Konecranes Lifecycle Care, setting Konecranes expertise and knowledge apart from other crane maintenance programs. This provides us unparalleled insight into trends among manufacturers, evolving technology and types of cranes. It’s also enabled us to develop comprehensive crane maintenance programs that promote long-term safety and performance.


Lifecycle Care

Lifecycle Care is our comprehensive and systematic approach to managing customer assets. It is designed to maximize the productivity of uptime and minimize the cost of downtime, thereby achieving the highest lifecycle value for our customers' equipment.

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Maintenance programs to fit your needs

We offer five service programs that range from an inspection-based program to full scope outsourcing. The CARE Preventive/Predictive Maintenance program is the foundation of Lifecycle Care in Real Time. 

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Consultation and recommendations

Our consultative approach can help guide your decision making. We share our findings, provide recommendations based on our industry-leading expertise and discuss how each action impacts your operations and the entire health of your business.

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Delivering measurable improvements

Our objective is to improve the safety, productivity and sustainability of our customers' operations. We take an in-depth review of our service relationship with a Business Review. We look at progress, feedback and documented value. We discuss recommendations and plan jointly.

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Digitalization and the evolution of service 

In all industries, and all over the globe, most companies are talking about digitalization and the Internet of Things. But in Konecranes Service, we are not just talking about the industrial internet, we are already using it, transforming the delivery of maintenance services in every aspect of our day-to-day operations. 

Our customers expect transparency, speed and real-time service and we can provide it with the processes and systems that make up our digital ecosystem. From our back-end systems that help us manage our customer relationships, assets and service activities to our front-end customer portal, ecommerce site and apps. 

We are also leading the way in the pursuit of prescriptive maintenance. The evolution from preventive to predictive maintenance is well underway. Preventive maintenance is supplemented with condition monitoring, advanced inspections and analytics. Data provides insights which drive recommendations and actions. A cycle of “data, insights, actions” begins, and as this cycle repeats over time, our maintenance predictions become faster and more precise. 


Digitally-enabled customer experience

We connect data, machines and people in real time. We use the Internet of Things to transform the delivery of maintenance services. Our digital ecosystem—including our customer portal, STORE and productivity-enhancing apps—provides transparency and speed. 

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Smart technology

From remotely monitoring your crane usage and condition, performing daily inspections with our CheckApp, to ordering parts on Konecranes STORE - digital tools bring crane information online, so it is easily accessible anytime and anywhere. 

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