Performance parts


Crane parts for better performance

Performance Parts by Konecranes are designed to perform in a particularly demanding environment or application. They are especially helpful when the original part is not quite up to the task and when heightened performance characteristics are required.



Strengthened parts for harsh environments

Performance Parts are custom-engineered crane parts designed to meet or surpass the OEM requirements as originally supplied with your crane. 

Typical improvements include changes to the material, design and/or manufacturing process that can improve performance and the overall life span of the Performance Part. These enhancements may also be applied to the entire assembly, enabling the crane to run more efficiently while extending the life of the crane.

Complementing the broad array of services and products available through Konecranes, Performance Crane Parts solutions can be found for many chronic crane conditions. Rather than focusing on a single part, we consider the entire crane, and how the improved part impacts its related components. We provide an integrated state-of-the-art design, utilizing:

  • Design improvements 
  • Material improvements
  • Manufacturing process improvements
  • Analysis of an assembly versus a single part
  • Increased life span of the part
  • On-site engineering / analysis

Prescription wheels and assemblies are machined from specially selected material, with the running surface case hardened to suit extremely harsh operating environments. These parts can address excessive bridge binding or crane skew, as well as uneven wheel wear.

Performance gears and assemblies can address issues with vintage, two-piece pinion gears on shafts with unknown and unseen cumulative stresses that can potentially lead to catastrophic failure.

Performance motors can address issues with short service life of motors due to high utilization and tough environments.


A satisfied performance parts customer

One of the largest integrated steel mills in the world produces flat-rolled steel coils for the automotive industry. The cranes operate nonstop, and the constant movement creates abrasive and adhesive friction that can take a toll on bridge wheel flanges. Download the story below to learn what happened when Konecranes upgraded the crane with 60 Plus™ Prescription Crane wheels.