Safe Features for Overhead Cranes

Intelligent lifting with Safe Features

Most Konecranes overhead traveling cranes can be equipped with Safe Features, software that gives you greater control over the material handling in your production processes. From the moment your operators take charge of the crane, their work gets easier.

A more efficient operator increases productivity by saving time and money as load cycle times go down. Because the control system optimizes crane movement, your crane and its components wear more slowly, extending the life of the crane. Most importantly, safety improves, because there is much less chance of human error.
Konecranes Safe Features are available for all industrial applications.

There are several Safe Features  that provides more load control and area control over your material handling than ever before. They are available for rope hoist cranes and built up cranes.


Load control for smooth operation

Safe Features bring a steady movement with maximum load control, leading to improved productivity with shorter load cycle times as well as greater safety for your operators and work environment.


Sway Control

Sway Control limits the load swing that can lead to production delays and downtime. Without the distraction of managing sway, crane operators can focus on their surrounding environment to select a safe traveling path for faster load handling and more precise positioning.

A recent study confirmed that cranes with Sway Control are 60% faster than an ordinary crane.



Inching improves accuracy by allowing the operator to move the load in small increments of 2 mm to 100 mm. The crane stops after it has moved the set inching distance. Operators can set increments on the user interface when starting up the crane, with the possibility to program a different distance for each motion.



Microspeed allows operators to preprogram the controls anywhere from 1% to 99% of the full speed range. Instead of moving the joystick only a tiny amount to control the crane at a slow speed, crane operators can use the full range of the joystick’s movement while still not going over their maximum desired speed.


Snag Prevention

Snag Prevention constantly monitors the rope angle and automatically stops crane movement if a hook, sling or load accidentally catches on something while the trolley or bridge is in motion. This helps minimizing the damage to the crane, load or other machinery nearby.

Area control for maximum productivity and efficiency

Safe Features also give you more control over the working area of the crane, improving the efficiency and accuracy of load positioning by adapting the available space to the physical layout of your production line.


Target Positioning

Target Positioning moves the load from one of eight home positions to one of 120 possible preset target positions within a predefined area. The crane slows down, stops and lowers the load at the set target point. Just one button automatically returns the crane to its home location.
The Konecranes Target Positioning feature has been designed to reduce cycle times and to enhance safety.


Protected Areas

Protected Areas allocates up to 16 permanent “no-go” zones to limit the crane’s movements to preset working areas only. This feature maximizes crane operating space, while helping to reduce the risk of accidents, equipment collisions and load damage.


End Positioning

End Positioning allows operators to set the exact destination of a load and the outside area, or “window” for manual navigation. Once the operator brings the crane to the window, the End Positioning button automatically sends the crane to its final position. As a safety feature, the operator lowers the load manually to complete the movement.

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Speeding up coil supply to the machines and, more generally, improving the performance of the workshop, are objectives we’re always trying to reach. Thanks to the Target Positioning feature, it is very easy to program the two destination points of the coils. It’s time-saving and increases productivity. Target positioning is exactly the feature we needed.
Daniel Durieux, Global Manager/Lifting Equipment, Renault

Operator using Konecranes S-series crane
Rope Hoist Cranes

S-series Crane - Safe Features

The Konecranes S-series is a bold reimagining of our industry standard rope hoist  overhead crane, with mechanical innovations, a redesigned structure, revolutionary synthetic rope and unique Safe Features that work together seamlessly to enable smooth and accurate load positioning with total control.

Open Winch Cranes

SMARTON crane - Smart Features

The Konecranes SMARTON is a compact open winch crane, developed specifically for assembly and maintenance use, where highly accurate and smooth movements are required. Equipped with wide range of Safe Features, SMARTON crane provides total control of material handling, with outstanding safety and load cycle times.

Technology optimizes your lifting processes

We believe that Konecranes Safe Features represent the most advanced crane technology on the market today. Based on many years of customer feedback, they are designed to meet your requirements in advanced lifting needs. We can put them on your new Konecranes orders, but we can also install them one by one on your existing Konecranes equipment, or in a multi-crane feature package that fits your specific production processes.

Safe Features are available in all industrial applications



Decades of automotive experience

We help major automotive manufacturers around the world maintain their demanding production schedules.


Container handling

Advantages keep stacking up with us

Konecranes is a major global player in the design, manufacture and servicing of container handling equipment.

Workers using crane in general manufacturing

General manufacturing

The latest lifting technology

No matter what you manufacture, you’ll find the reliable lifting equipment and service you need at Konecranes.

Operator using crane in mining facility


We go the distance

We design and manufacture mining cranes and other material-handling equipment that are equipped to handle the challenges of mining.


Konecranes nuclear polar crane


Technology for your most critical operations

Our comprehensive range of nuclear lifting equipment and service represents the expertise we’ve gained in 50 years of working in the nuclear industry.



Konecranes coker crane

Petroleum and gas

Increase your efficiency

Konecranes makes a range of coker cranes for the sole purpose of moving coke.

Konecranes SM crane


Cranes for power applications

From a traditional coal power plant to a massive hydro power plant or a remote wind farm, we have the cranes and service to suit your needs.

Konecranes paper crane

Paper and forest

Decades of experience

From woodyards to wet end cranes and automatic roll storages, we’ve been supplying the industry for more than 70 years.

Meyerturku Crane Delivery


Over five decades of shipyard experience

Our experience with over one hundred shipyards worldwide has made us a trusted supplier of shipyard cranes from workshop chain hoists to goliath gantry cranes.


Konecranes coil handling crane

Metals production

We know the steel industry

Our advanced lifting equipment, technologies and service can improve the safety and productivity of operations across every area of your plant.

Konecranes waste-to-energy crane

Waste to energy and biomass

We understand your process

When you choose Konecranes to equip and service your waste-to-energy facilities, you acquire a trusted source of global experience and knowledge.

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Smart Features - Active Sway Control

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