RailQ Runway Survey results
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Assess the alignment of crane rails and square of your crane

Misaligned overhead crane runways cause wear on crane wheels, wheel flanges, bearings and rails. Left uncorrected, this can result in accidents, failure or derailment of overhead cranes and can lead to loss of productivity and costly downtime required for repair and replacement of expensive parts.  

The RailQ Runway Survey looks at the alignment of your crane rail and provides information on runway span, straightness, elevation and rail-to-rail elevation. 

The CraneQ Crane Geometric Survey assesses the alignment and square of a crane by looking at wheels, guide rollers, end trucks, girders, and other components of the crane.  

Together RailQ and CraneQ can give you a complete view of crane and rail geometry. 

Crane Reliability Study
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Crane study and analysis can be used to determine modernization needs

If you have questions about your aging cranes an engineering assessment can help guide your maintenance and modernization decisions. 

The Crane Reliability Study is an engineering assessment that studies the current condition of a crane and provides an estimate of its remaining design life. The study gives you an accurate picture of the current condition of your lifting equipment and provides information for planning the future of lifting operations. 

Steel Structure Analysis can provide detailed information of the fatigue life and condition of the steel structure of a crane. It also assists in modernization planning and in evaluating whether the steel structure can be continued to be used after the Design Working Period (DWP) is over. 

Rope Analysis
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Rope and hook analysis

The Rope Analysis has been designed to deliver answers to wire rope and rope reeving questions, such as rope selection, rope life concerns, component failures, or unexpected behavior. It can also provide improvement possibilities to extend rope or reeving component life. 

The Hook Analysis evaluates the remaining fatigue life of a crane hook and inspects it thoroughly for any defects. It can reveal whether declining fatigue life poses any risk of failure in the continued use of the crane and can give more detailed information than Design Working Period (DWP) calculations of the hoisting machinery. 

Crane operator training
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Compliance consultation and training

Two ways to help increase the safety of your personnel and your operations is with a Compliance Gap Analysis and operator training. 

The Compliance Gap Analysis has been designed to provide an assessment of your current crane operations, regulatory compliance, and maintenance practices. It can help identify potential gaps in compliance, including safety-critical issues, and it provides recommendations to help mitigate the associated risk. 

Crane Operator Training provides participants with the working knowledge to assist in reducing operation errors that may lead to unnecessary downtime. Crane operator training can also provide additional knowledge to help avoid possible serious injury to personnel caused by improper crane operation.