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Safe and reliable manual hoists adapt to your needs


    Konecranes hand chain blocks and manual lever pullers are durable, lightweight manual hoists that adapt to any location, even where electricity is not available. From remote locations to hazardous environments, experience smooth, safe and efficient operation on a product rich with features to cover your lifting needs.

    Flexible and tough, with a lifting capacity of up to 3,000 kg, the Konecranes KL manual lever puller is ideal for construction, maintenance, and service work. Its lightweight and compact structure lets you lift in tight spaces, reliably and safely. For a wider range of loads, our KM2 hand chain block and manual trolley can manage up to 20,000 kg. The hand chain block comes hook suspended, or together with an I-beam trolley.

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Product Features

Konecranes Manual Products have these standard features:
•    Dual Pawl Weston-style brake with 2 friction discs for 4 braking surfaces and enclosed for protection against dirt
•    Strong, grade 80 galvanized steel load chain with zinc flake coating for improved corrosion resistance
•    Steel alloy, heat treated ISO hooks with latches and inspection points
•    I-beam trolleys with manual push (up to 10 tons) or hand-geared chain (up to 20 tons)

Additionally, the following features apply to each product separately:

KM2 Hand Chain Block

•    Smooth machined chain sprocket and gears
•    Overload limiter
•    Serviceability through bolted hook blocks
•    Optional stainless steel chains and hook block
•    Chain collector option

KL Lever Puller

•    Compact size and light weight
•    360° handle rotation and rubber grip
•    Lifting mechanism can be released when unloaded
•    Open chain path for simple inspection and cleaning
•    Machined chain sprocket ensures efficient operation
•    Overload limiter

KPT & KPTC Manual Trolleys

•    Easily adjustable for wide range of flange widths up to 310 mm
•    Low headroom trolley option
•    Machined steel wheels ensure smooth motion on profiles
•    Safety drop lugs and rubber bumpers
•    Sealed and maintenance-free wheel ball bearings


Konecranes Manual Products offer you the following benefits:
•    Confidence and peace of mind
•    Safety, flexibility, and reliability
•    A wide range of fully adjustable features
•    Easy to install and use
•    Protection against dirt
•    Simple inspection and cleaning
•    Reduced weight makes loads safer to handle
•    Ideal when power might not be available, e.g. construction sites or maintenance
•    High durability, even in corrosive environments
•    Outstanding safety with integrated overload protection
•    A safe and productive long-term investment

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