Improve operating efficiency and service level in warehousing

Always up-to-date warehouse with 24/7 service

Agilon helps you with keeping your maintenance warehouse in order, items available and information up-to-date every day. Agilon shows a picture of each package, which makes finding the right product quick and easy. The wanted product can be ordered to the Agilon user access point through a user-friendly dashboard that is always available for your personnel to use.

Easy access to real-time materials management information

Agilon system facilitates monitoring by showing you who took what, when, how much, for which job and from which batch. The system gives an alert to the nominated personnel when items are running low and should be reordered. Agilon can be integrated with all the major ERP systems to update stock transactions. Be it SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or any other ERP. 

Based on the consumption or balance alert, automatic replenishment orders can be placed also to your supplier´s ERP. Basic order-delivery process integration can be implemented  for example with Ahlsell, Etra, Rexel, Würth, Rexel, Toolpoint and Onninen ERP systems. Reorder points can easily be updated remotely at any time.

The Agilon super users and managers can quickly and easily follow consumption levels, inventory information and order history as well as get reports and usage data with an easy-to-use customer portal. The portal can be accessed in real time.


Customer story

ABB improves warehouse efficiency and delivery accuracy

Automated storage and retrieval system  Agilon boosts pick-up accuracy, speeds up spare part deliveries and improves occupational safety at ABB Motors & Generators Service warehouse.

Customer story

Spare parts delivered to professional kitchens faster than ever

Dieta Oy, one of Finland’s leading suppliers of complete professional kitchens, helps its customers thrive. When service needs arise, fast spare part deliveries contribute to achieving this goal.

Customer story

More space for spare parts, more efficient deliveries and new boost for business

Evac is the world’s leading provider of integrated water and waste management systems as well as corrosion-protection systems for the marine, offshore and building industries.