What's up there? Hook? Steel structure? Smart crane?

All of them.

Look up. In every manufacturing facility in the world the ceiling is full of action. You will see uplifts that enable companies' material handling.

Those cranes up there work hard to keep businesses running. One of the most preferred partners in the world of lifting is Konecranes. Our cranes empower lifting operations in thousands of industrial processes safely and productively. 

Die gripper

Who we are

Konecranes helps automobile manufacturers around the world stay on track with their demanding production schedules. We know that automakers can't afford production delays. That's why the auto industry has come to rely on our experience and the dependability of our cranes and services – to manage heavy loads safely and efficiently in short cycles.

Our aim is to improve reliability, safety and sustainability in material handling. 

Crane operation


Konecranes lifting technology is a key factor helping automotive manufacturers establish and sustain productivity throughout the processes. From press and assembly lines to workstations and warehouses, Konecranes automation, Smart Features and Warehouse Management System are helping automotive facilities across the globe in improving operation safety and productivity.  



Konecranes’ technology and Smart Features are designed to improve safety, cycle time and load positioning. They add intelligence to your crane with purpose-built software and hardware. These features assist the operator in controlling the crane more safely. 

Automotive_crane top view


We always consider environmental issues throughout the lifecycle of every one of our products. In particular, we ensure the efficient use of materials, recyclability and the conservation of energy. Over 98 percent of the materials used to build a typical Konecranes crane are recyclable. Our equipment can be fitted with energy-saving frequency converter technology, feeding up to 30 percent of braking energy back into the network


Lift your productivity

Konecranes partners with automotive customers based on a mutual understanding of automotive processes. Our goal is to be a dependable solution provider, helping customers meet production demands with cranes that are safe, reliable, simple to maintain and easy to use

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