Lifecycle Care

Lifecycle Care is a systematic, consistent, comprehensive and professional approach to maintenance, supported by world-class tools and processes.

Lifecycle Care in Real Time


Highest Lifecycle Value results from maximising the productivity of uptime in addition to minimising the cost of downtime. We believe merely keeping your cranes running is not sufficient. We also aim to help you achieve the highest productivity during every shift. We aim to deliver measurable improvements in safety and productivity that can be reported and reviewed, demonstrating a return on investment.

Our crane experts apply a systematic Risk and Recommendation Method of evaluation and a consultative planning and review process to drive continuous improvement of safety and productivity.

Inspections and preventive maintenance identify risks and improvement opportunities, and support compliance.

Corrective maintenance and retrofits address safety and productivity issues and capitalise on improvement opportunities.

Consultation services guide decision making, uncover critical issues and maximise your return on investment.

Modernisation services prolong the economic service life of equipment.

New equipment for installations or replacing old equipment.

Real-time crane maintenance services

Evolution of maintenance

The art of servicing your industrial equipment continues to evolve. Simply reacting to problems or failures and basing preventive maintenance work solely on the calendar are practices that are not compatible with today’s highly competitive, and technical, business climate.

Konecranes is leading the evolution of crane service by leveraging the Industrial Internet. Through remote monitoring and diagnostics, our aim is to provide real-time visualisations of equipment usage along with a unique customer experience.

Remote Monitoring services by Konecranes enable you to plan maintenance and modernisations based on usage information. This information is available on demand through our secure, online web portal. An added benefit is available with Safety Alerts, which enable your crane to notify you by email or text message of emergency stops and attempted overloads so you can take appropriate action quickly. When combined with a preventive maintenance programme and expert consultation, you can optimise your maintenance planning with confidence.

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