Agilon Portal and Customer Service Available 24/7

Easy-to-use customer portal,

Our customer portal gives you 24/7 access to the information of all the parts your Agilon contains, such as availability and image. Simply log in to and you will have a quick and easy way to track, trace and follow your material handling and retrieve all the needed reports.

Remote service and troubleshooting 24/7

Agilon Global Technical Support team (GTS) provides 24/7 problem solving and troubleshooting for avoiding any unplanned downtime. Technical Support can remotely diagnose issues and identify appropriate corrective actions including the need for on-site maintenance and spare parts. The team also has the information on your Agilon’s maintenance and update needs.

Agilon global technical support 24/7

UK: 0113 403 2603
US: 937 980 1130
Sweden: 010 5837144
Global: +358 20 427 6900