Open Winch Cranes

High performance for demanding lifting

Konecranes open winch cranes are as ideal for demanding process use as they are for assembly and maintenance.

Flexible enough for almost any industrial setting, they combine the latest in advanced design with hardy electronics and a sharp computer intelligence that gives you total control over your materials handling.

Our open winch e-TON crane is designed as per IS standards, especially made for process duty applications. Apart from this we also provide SMARTON and UNITON according to FEM standards.

e-Ton, a robust crane and trolley can be tailored to your particular lifting needs. Its capacity is 5 tons to 50 tons. A product of customer demand and Konecranes development, it can be used for many applications, but is especially well-adapted for the steel industry.

A smarter crane is a better crane

e-TON cranes come with the most advanced crane software available today. Altogether, there are wide range of Smart Features that give you more control over your crane and its load than ever before. Your processes will be faster and more efficient, and your people and equipment safer.

Contact Konecranes today to learn more about how our e-TON open winch cranes to suit your lifting needs.