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Industrial Cranes

Compact design and reduced hook approaches make this class of crane a perfect fit for tight clearance areas. Konecranes CLX chain hoists and CXT® wire rope hoists are good choices for maintenance and standby tasks. The innovative mechanical configuration of the CXT – with state-of-the-art speed control and motor technology – have made it the industry benchmark for safety, reliability and performance.

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Process Cranes

These cranes are engineered to improve productivity and efficiency in high-performance applications requiring high operating speeds, automation, continuous duty cycles, large capacity and severe operating environments where abrasion and corrosion are prevalent. They are ideal for serving equipment maintenance and application requirements found in extraction and refining.

Light Crane Systems image

Light Crane Systems

Designed for lower lifting capacities of one or two tons or less, these cranes are ideal for workstations and repair shops. These product offerings include XA light crane systems, jib and portable gantry cranes, Air Balancers, Vertical Lifters and other general utility equipment.

Lift Trucks

Lift Trucks

The Konecranes Lift Truck is a versatile lifting tool capable of carrying loads up to 80 tons. It is useful for general equipment, materials and occasional loads, such as idle or decommissioned machinery in your staging or storage yard. Originally designed to move heavy containers around shipyards, our lift trucks can be equipped with a variety of useful lifting attachments for moving heavy loads through irregular travel paths.

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