SM open winch crane

Precision and performance in a modern modular crane

The Konecranes SM crane is strength and safety built into a small package, a compact, high-capacity crane for accuracy in lifting up to 1,000 tons. Ideal when you need to move large and heavy loads in production spaces that are sometimes cramped or hard to access, it’s especially good for valuable or sensitive equipment that requires the utmost care.

Designed specially for the mechanical stresses of lifting, the gears, motors and controls are all made in-house, and these core components work together seamlessly for smooth crane movement and control. A unique combination of lifting power and smart design offers versatility in applications across all kinds of industrial settings.

product features

The Konecranes SM open winch crane has many standard features:

•    Totally enclosed hoist gearing for safety, reliability and no maintenance required
•    Minimized internal stress and improved component lifetime, due to unique trolley frame construction
•    Trolleys have four- or six-wheel bogie system and true vertical lift for even load distribution along girders
•    Extremely compact trolley provides minimized approach dimensions and headroom, reducing structural requirements of rails, runway beams, columns and building height
•    Auxiliary hoist allows faster movement of lighter loads
•    Easy access to each key components for simplified maintenance procedures
•    Compact size allows lifting in confined production spaces

technical specs



Lifting capacity

Up to 1000 tons with two trolley


Up to 45 meters

Lifting height

Up to 44 meters

Runway length

No limitation

Hoist speed control

Inverter hoisting with Extended Speed Range (ESR)

Crane control options

Radio, Cabin or Remote Operating Station (ROS)

Girder design

Box girder

Trolley Supply

Flat cables or energy chain


FEM 1Bm to 2m/ ISO M3 to M5 /CMAA class B to D



Temperature range

-20°C to +60°C

Integrated safety functions

  • Hoisting safety limit switch
  • Overload protection
  • Hoisting motor thermal protection
  • Rope guides
  • Hoist over speed supervision

Integrated Smart Features

  • Extended speed range (ESR)
  • Load Floating for hoisting
  • Shock Load Prevention



Indoor or Outdoor


Konecranes SM open winch crane offers the following benefits to operators and facilities.
•    Safe and accurate lifting
•    Easy to operate with ergonomic controls and intuitive functions
•    Long-lasting and reliable
•    Compact width and overall height of the trolley provides better utilization of work area and saving in building cost
•    Easy access to key components simplifies maintenance
•    Full service and spare parts backup
•    Ideal for any industry in which accuracy and reliability are crucial


Consult our Crane Advisor for SM crane

Crane Advisor is an online tool that offers recommendations based on your specific lifting-application needs. Visit Crane Advisor to see if SM open winch crane suits your application.

A crane design improved by customer needs

We have combined customer insight with our expertise in crane engineering to design and build the SM open winch crane for your lifting requirements. Its compact, modular structure helps it adapt to all kinds of work spaces. As the world’s top supplier of industrial cranes, we carefully manage our materials and manufacturing to ensure our equipment is always up to internationally recognized standards. We back that up with comprehensive support from our worldwide service network, with 600 locations in nearly 50 countries.