Electric Chain Hoists

Up to 5.000 kg of lasting lifting power

Konecranes offers three electric chain hoists designed for flexibility and durability in lifting. The Konecranes C-series electric chain hoist and the CLX electric chain hoist can lift up to 5.000 kg, whereas SLX electric chain hoist can take up to 2.500 kg, giving you the versatility you need in industrial applications and at demanding workstations.

Compact headroom, hook suspension and a range of other features make our hoists easily adjustable for your specific workstation needs.


Visit the dedicated website for Konecranes C-series!

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Efficiency and safety in the same package

The new Konecranes C-series is our most advanced electrical chain hoist to date. Thoroughly redesigned from inside out for over a million operations, Konecranes C-series electric chain hoist combines usability, enhanced performance and durability for real lifecycle value.

Easy to use, the CLX electric chain hoist can speed up work cycles, enhance safety and extend service life. Adaptable and long-lasting, it is ideal for any busy workstation.

Choose the SLX electric chain hoist with stepless hoisting speeds for smooth vertical movement, keeping your load steady throughout the most demanding workloads. It has all the CLX features and more, such as an electronic overload protection, slack chain control, and shock load absorption. It combines efficiency and safety with its advanced technology.

Lift almost anywhere

You can use these electric chain hoists on an overhead crane, a workstation crane, or with a jib crane. Their versatility makes Konecranes electric chain hoists an ideal solution for many lifting applications.

Read more about the Konecranes C-series electric chain hoist on our dedicated website at konecranes.com /newseries/c-series or about CLX and SLX hoists on our dedicated website at konecranes.com/clxContact us today for more information.