Experience the Difference

If you are looking for an outstanding chain hoist from an industry front-runner, you have found it. Thoroughly redesigned from inside out, the new Konecranes C-series electric chain hoist brings state-of-the-art lifting to your facility.

Quality at the core

The new Konecranes C-series is our most advanced electrical chain hoist to date. Built smart with the toughness, precision and reliability of our Core of Lifting components, it’s designed for over a million operations. Experience a unique combination of usability, enhanced performance and durability for real lifecycle value.

More power to your lifting

Konecranes C-series features an entirely new motor. Tough and durable. Spend less time servicing, more time getting the most out of this tireless hoist.

  • More effective motor cooling reduces heat, leading to more power
  • Longer continuous operation with Cycling Duty Factor up to 60%
  • In-house development, purpose-built Core of Lifting components and rigorous testing ensure even better reliability

Gear up your performance

Improvement starts from the inside. From the tiniest details. Hence, we introduce a bold new gearbox, purpose-built by us for the long haul.

  • Proven reliability with lifetime lubricated gearbox
  • Boosts productivity with new lifting speeds
  • Enhanced performance and safety with new safety clutch design
  • Designed for easy service access

Major improvements to chain drive

Totally redesigned sprocket works perfectly with the chain. Interaction so flawless, it prolongs the chain’s lifetime.

  • Decreased hoist downtime with new chain and sprocket pairing design
  • Robust operation with remodeled limit switch
  • Updated chain collector ensures smooth chain flow and prevents chain overflow

Don’t let brake slow you down

Our proven brake technology, integrated into the hoist body. Bring high lifetime costs to a full stop.

  • Brake lasts more than one million operations
  • Improved self-adjusting brake with a longer coil life
  • Increased safety as brake always engages in case of power loss

New angles in hoisting

Designed for efficient use of working space. Konecranes C-series is a product that works closely with your operators for the ultimate user experience.

  • More control and mobility to working areas with new hoist shape and approach dimensions
  • Hoisting comfort due to less vibration
  • Lighter structures for better working ergonomics

Simplest Serviceability

Get the hoist up and running in just minutes. Less downtime equals efficiency.

  • Fast and simple installation.
  • Easy access to all wearing components
  • Adjust to production needs with minimum effort with 2/1 reeving by turning the top bracket 180°.

Technical specifications

  • Lifting capacity: up to 5T
  • Hoisting speed: Multiple speeds available with a 4:1 ratio 
  • Certifications : CE, RoHS, (CSA)​
  • Duty Class: Up to FEM 3m / ISO M6


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*Konecranes C-series chain hoist will only be available in Europe, Middle East and Africa Region(EMEA)

Other region launches will follow.