Crane Reliability Study and Steel Structure Analysis

How much life is left in your crane? 

Rising maintenance costs. Challenges to meet current production needs. Safety concerns. These are problems you face every day as a crane owner in a changing operating environment. 

Konecranes Crane Reliability Study (CRS) provides accurate information detailing the current condition and future needs of your crane. The study looks at structures, mechanical components and control systems and can help guide your maintenance and modernization decisions. It can also provide information to increase the safety and productivity of your crane. 

All cranes have a finite service life 

You may choose to perform a Crane Reliability Study when you're not sure if your cranes are capable of meeting growing production demands, or if you’re using your crane for purposes other than how they were originally classified. If you have safety issues or aren’t sure if it’s time to modernize, a CRS can give you the information you need. 

The CRS process 
    A team of trained Konecranes specialists observes the production and operating environment of your crane. 
    The overall condition of your crane structures and components is evaluated in detail with a focus on safety, productivity, reliability, usability and remaining design life. 
    Operators and maintenance personnel are interviewed, and all pertinent documentation is reviewed. 
    The team provides a detailed report and further consultation with advice on maintenance, modernizations and future investments. 
Have questions about your modernization needs?

If you have questions about your aging cranes an engineering assessment can help guide your maintenance and modernization decisions.


Know the condition of your crane steel structures 

The steel structures of your crane shoulder the weight of your lifting operations. Those structures are subjected to fatigue as loads are lifted, and as fatigue life ends, safety can be compromised. 

The Konecranes Steel Structure Analysis can give you an accurate, detailed picture of the remaining fatigue life of the steel structure of your crane and help identify defects. 

Plan for modernization or the continued use of your crane 

The analysis can help you decide between a modernization or new equipment purchase. It can also help determine if you can continue using your crane after the design working period (DWP) of the steel structure is exhausted, providing an inspection plan for continued use, when applicable. 

Inspection, NDT and 3D modeling 

A trained and qualified inspector will investigate the use history of the crane and perform a visual inspection of the whole steel structure, including the trolley structures and hook block. If needed, non-destructive testing (NDT) can be performed. A qualified engineer will use proprietary 3D modeling and calculation software to provide the steel structure fatigue calculation. Calculation of stresses and fatigue is conducted according to EN 13001-3-1 and ISO 12482 standards. 

We will give you a list of recommendations for needed repairs or replacements, including easy-to-interpret graphical reports. We’ll also provide you with a detailed plan for future inspections. 


Crane Reliability Study Video

Steel Structure Analysis video