Open winch cranes

High performance for demanding lifting

Konecranes open winch cranes are as ideal for demanding process use as they are for assembly and maintenance. Flexible enough for almost any industrial setting, they combine the latest in advanced design with hardy electronics and a sharp computer intelligence that gives you total control over your material handling.

Open winch cranes product range

Konecranes M-series crane

M-series open winch crane

The M-series is heavy lifting redefined. It is the most compact and modular big winch that can lift from 6.3 tons to 63 tons—perfect for heavy process use.

Konecranes SMARTON crane

SMARTON open winch crane

The SMARTON crane is especially good at heavy lifting in assembly and maintenance. It has a lifting capacity of 6.3 tons to 250 tons with one trolley, and up to 500 tons with two trolleys.

Konecranes SM crane

SM open winch crane

The Konecranes SM crane is a compact, high lifting capacity crane for precise and accurate lifting up to 1,000 tons. 

Want to know more about the crane buying process?

Purchasing a crane is a major investment so it's worth spending time to think about your current and possible future lifting needs as well as maintenance and operator training. Our crane buying guide walks you through the crane buying process so you can better understand what to consider. When you are ready, our crane experts can provide more detailed guidance and recommendations based on your safety, productivity and operational needs.