Konecranes motors

The main function of the motors on a crane is to lift and lower a load, and to move the trolley and crane along the rails that take the load to a new location.

Every Konecranes motor that we produce has been purpose-built specifically for crane applications. Each motor is a fully-integrated core component designed for the intermittent motions of hoisting or traveling in crane duty cycles.

Together, the gearbox, motor and control system are what we call the Core of Lifting.

Benefits of Konecranes motors

A crane using a Konecranes motor consumes less energy than a typical commercial electric motor. This cuts your costs and shrinks your carbon footprint while helping improve productivity.

What’s the secret?
  • A thinner rotor reduces the moment of inertia, so the motor requires less torque, less current, and less energy in a typical duty cycle.
  • Konecranes has made and sold inverter duty motors for decades, and all of that experience goes into the design and manufacture of the latest crane duty drives.
  • Our motors are properly sized for crane applications. The lower current requirement allows a more compact inverter to be used, giving better approach dimensions.
  • The right protection from dust, water and heat keeps personnel safe and Konecranes equipment functioning in any hazardous work environment.
  • We designed our motors ourselves, so we know the best way to tailor them to the precise specifications of any specialized lifting task.

Why Konecranes motors?

CoL_motor close
  • A typical commercial motor is not optimal for crane duty. We design our motors specifically for use in cranes, so they can cope with the forces acting on them during normal crane operations.
  • A crane motor must make lots of starts and stops with anything from a full load to an empty hook. It should tolerate a high starting current without overheating and be able to rotate in both directions. In addition to normal running speed, the motor should also be able to run at a low speed for safe and accurate load handling.
  • If you choose a hoist fitted with Adaptive Speed Range, the drive will automatically vary the speed of the lift according to the load. A heavy load reduces speed and a light load increases speed. Benefits include lower energy consumption, greater efficiency and safer load handling.
  • Specially adapting a motor for your specific requirements really makes a difference when you have restricted space in which to operate. Your crane will handle unusual or difficult loads, and give you the speed you need when it is crucial to your processes.

Quality assured by testing

We back up extensive and rigorous testing in all kinds of lifting environments with regular internal and external quality monitoring. Whether you buy a standard or tailored crane, you can be sure of a high-quality lifting product.

We comply with all relevant standards locally and globally, including UL, CSA, EN, EC and EU, as well as IEC and ISO. For lifting devices working in hazardous environments, our motors are CSA/UL, ATEX and IECEx certified.

As part of our Core of Lifting, a Konecranes motor will keep your cranes performing reliably for many years to come.

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