inching_craneSlow movements without damage to overhead crane

How did crane operators get overhead cranes to make critical, precise load movements before the days of inverter drives and Smart Features? The answer, unfortunately, was “jogging”, the switching of the crane’s motion from on to off quickly, in order to move in small increments. This slows the crane down sufficiently enough to carefully place a load, but the jerky motions also can also cause damage to the bridge, trolley and hoist.

Konecranes has another, more intelligent, way to make the small, incremental movements that are crucial for many facilities called Inching. Inching provides accurate load placement, without damaging the components of the crane.

Inching for precise material handling

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Inching provides a way to approach a load destination with great accuracy. It allows the operator to make small inching movements one-by-one. When the inching feature is activated, the movement will stop after it has traveled the set inching distance. Inching increments range from 2mm to 100mm. Set up the desired increments on the user interface during the start up period. A separate inching distance can be programmed for each motion.

How it works: First, operate the crane manually or by using a positioning feature to get to where you would like to start the inching feature. Then, turn on the inching feature when you need to slow down for a safe and accurate approach. When the joystick movement is activated, the load will move only the predefined distance. If the joystick is released during the inching movement, the load immediately stops. Inching can be activated for both hoisting and traveling motions.

Benefits of Inching

Inching allows for a precise way to approach the load destination with great accuracy. Use this feature when very accurate load placement is required, such as in the placement of fragile or delicate loads. Inching can also be beneficial when accurate, tight movements are needed to avoid obstructions.

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