End Positioning

Precise placement, programmable destinations

In most facilities, speed and accuracy are equally important when it comes to loading, unloading and delivering loads. Operators can move overhead cranes back and forth, to and from the same positions, daily. How can you improve upon that process? By using Konecranes’ End Positioning feature.

Easy control for crane operators

crane advisor

First, use your controller to program the end positions, or locations, that you navigate to frequently (such as a loading dock or the crane’s home position.) Set the exact coordination of the destination with X-Y coordinates. Then, program the outside area, or “window”, that the operator can navigate to manually.

Once the operator enters the window, the “End Positioning” button allows the crane to move automatically to its final position. As a safety feature, the operator lowers the load manually to complete the movement.

Increased speed, faster production times

With End Positioning, you can experience faster load times, greater positioning accuracy and a streamlined workday. End Positioning is especially useful in work cycles where the operator must repetitively position loads in the same places.

Speak to a Konecranes representative to discover if End Positioning is a Smart Feature that would benefit your company.