Agilon Mobile easily and swiftly anywhere and anytime

Materials management information with you anywhere, anytime

Agilon® Mobile helps you to manage material and information flows with an easy-to-use web portal optimized for mobile devices. It allows you to manage any material inside and outside Agilon with your mobile device, tablet or PDA device. All your materials management information is available 24/7, wherever you may be.

• Connect your personnel to materials management information and create a streamlined material flow 
• Connect various locations and external warehouses to the Agilon system and get an overall view of all of your materials 
• Gather transaction and usage data from consumables and materials in external warehouses
• Create, monitor and manage electronic picking lists

Nothing but essential features to make your daily work easier

We wanted to keep Agilon mobile simple to make it easy to use during everyday work tasks. It has the features to speed up your daily materials management routines. You can, for example, check item availability, register transactions, and monitor and confirm picking transactions.

See detailed feature lists and example use cases from our new Agilon Mobile Digital brochure.

Available as an additional service or stand-alone solution

Agilon Mobile is an additional service for the Konecranes Agilon system. It allows you to include all your materials, even the heavy and bulky ones, in Agilon materials management.

Agilon® Mobile isn't just an additional feature for the Konecranes Agilon system. It's a versatile stand-alone solution that manages warehouse transactions and materials. Agilon Mobile is suitable for managing material flow and transactions, as well as for small businesses without physical inventory.

Explore Agilon® mobile features more in-depth

Read more about features, use cases and technical requirements from the new Agilon® Mobile digital brochure.