Crane service for the nuclear industry

Konecranes is uniquely qualified as a provider of service and parts to the nuclear industry. A distinct advantage we offer our customers is the ability to provide service on a worldwide basis.

With 600 locations worldwide, we can provide a response that is fast and efficient. Whether you need outage support, routine maintenance, engineering support, or anything in between, we have people you can rely on.

Compliance is a routine matter for our experts

The ability to complete modernizations and supply parts to the nuclear industry requires compliance with stringent regulatory and quality requirements. We have the capability to provide parts and service in compliance with these standards with our audited and approved nuclear quality control program. As a global company, Konecranes can help you stay compliant with local requirements with the combination of industry experts and localized know-how.

Highly trained professionals

Konecranes service technicians are highly trained to work in nuclear power generation facilities. These technicians are the most talented and experienced, and have the know-how and credentials that are required to work inside a nuclear power generation facility. Konecranes technicians are trained in every aspect of maintaining and servicing nuclear lifting equipment. In addition to the expert technical knowledge each Konecranes technician possesses, each technician is highly trained to comply with site safety requirements.

Parts for all makes and models

Our parts are supported by ISO 9001 certified manufacturing that employs KTA-1401 and ISO 9001 quality control programs, a seasoned nuclear engineering group, warehouse and distribution facilities as well as critical-mass purchasing power.