Experienced modernization specialists

In order to extend the operating life of existing nuclear power generation facilities, nuclear plant operating licenses are often extended. As part of this license extension process, equipment is often upgraded to include enhanced safety features, modernized technology, and improvements in reliability.

We have completed many modernizations at nuclear power generation facilities and our technicians routinely modernize both our own and other manufacturers’ equipment.

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Modernizations can include:

  • Single failure proof upgrades
  • Crane and runway capacity upgrades
  • Duty-cycle studies
  • Planned engineered lifts
  • Diagnosis and solutions for tracking problems, abnormal rail/wheel wear and fatigue cracks
  • Control Upgrades – Variable frequency, static stepless or DC-Digital
  • Festoon system replacement
  • Integrate load cells/weight systems
  • Replace motors, brakes, magnetorques 

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