Warehouse Management System for paper roll storage

Warehouse Management System for paper roll storage

Improved efficiency and productivity in warehouse operations

  • The Konecranes Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed for managing an automatic paper roll warehouse operated by cranes with mechanical gripper or vacuum lifter devices for shipping and intermediate warehouses. The WMS manages transport orders, optimizes operating times and provides real-time information on operating and system status for streamlined warehouse operations.

    Paper roll data is recorded by the WMS through a host system and the operator can easily access all relevant system and roll information. Rolls arriving at the storage point are automatically stored on stacks and automatically retrieved when requested.

    The WMS consists of a basic module plus extension modules for material flow, yard management, shipping management and conversion management.

  • Paper roll storage layout
  • Achieve high throughput combined with high storage capacity.
  • Reorganization of roll storage significantly reduces crane movements during peak times.
  • Distribution of workload across all storage areas and cranes helps speed up truck loading.
  • Crane operating data can be analyzed for further warehouse optimization.
  • System allows order prioritization for the most efficient retrieval sequences which helps increase productivity.
  • Intelligent roll classification prevents rolls from over-aging.
  • Storage, retrieval and warehouse selection strategies provide better organization and help increase safety and productivity.

Material Flow Module

Paper rolls on a conveyorThe Konecranes WMS Material Flow Module (MFM) controls the flow of rolls from the winder to storage and from storage to the output conveyor lines in the loading area. The MFM also controls roll measurement and labeling.

Measured values of rolls are transferred and stored in the WMS database and can also be sent to your MES/ERP system for other uses such as label printing. If measured values are out of tolerance, the operator can intervene for correction.

The interface with a label printer lets you create your own customized labels and make changes to existing labels at any time with support from Konecranes experts.

The conveyor visualization gives an overview of the conveyor system including roll information, system status and error logs. This allows the operator to locate faults in the conveyor system and supports operating personnel in troubleshooting.

  • Provides one system to control the material flow from the winder to the warehouse and shipping area.
  • High throughput can be achieved with the coordination between the conveyor and crane warehouse.
  • Helps optimize flow of rolls to both automatic and manual storages.
  • Provides central interface between material handling technology and customer IT.

Shipping Management Module

Konecranes WMS Shipping ManagementThe Konecranes WMS Shipping Management Module (SMM) provides special functions for shipping storage such as dialogues to manage shipping lists, deliveries and trucks. It also controls the distribution of retrieved rolls on the favored output conveying lines.

The SMM prevents mixing of different shipping lists on the same output line and automatically optimizes loads to truck payload weight. This makes truck loading easier and more efficient because forklift drivers do not have to manually sort rolls for different trucks.

  • Saves time and increases efficiency of truck loading because rolls do not have to be manually sorted.
  • Shipping lists are automatically generated and managed with status updates.

Yard Management Module

Man looks at Yard Management screenThe Konecranes WMS Yard Management Module (YMM) closes the gap between transport and warehouse logistics and supports organizing processes to save both time and costs. This provides optimal utilization of the crane system depending on the availability of loading bays and forklifts.

A mobile version of the WMS for the forklift terminal includes dialogues to manage shipments including calling trucks, managing shipment details and registering loaded rolls.

The WMS is extended by dialogues for truck registration in the parking area or gate and for interfacing with weighing systems. In the parking area, displays show truck information such as the number plate of the truck being loaded, the customer and rolls to be loaded.

  • Organizes and monitors the management of forklift and truck traffic.
  • Supports the loading process for fast and economical handling in all process phases.
  • Provides optimal utilization of the crane system depending on the loading bay status.

Conversion Management Module

Paper rolls in warehouseThe Konecranes WMS Conversion Management Module (CMM) features advanced capabilities for efficient production management in intermediate roll warehouses. The production schedule is managed with precision and the distribution of rolls to sheeters or corrugator machines is intelligently controlled via the infeed lines of the machines.

The sophisticated CMM offers specialized dialogues for managing production schedules, machine allocation, and roll distribution to meet the specific needs of intermediate warehouses. By planning rolls for production and maximizing their usage, the system reduces waste and improves overall efficiency.

  • Optimizes roll retrieval based on production schedule.
  • Prepares production runs in advance inside the storage area.
  • Generates and manages production schedules automatically with status updates to host systems.

Warehouse management tailored to your operations

Konecranes experts will analyze your processes, provide technical advice and conduct concept studies to determine the best solution for your operations. We will work with you on integrations with your current systems such as conveyor and ERP systems. We will conduct interface tests before commissioning and also provide training to your personnel, using a digital twin with crane simulation, for a smooth start up. Once you are up and running, we provide 24/7 on-call service and system support for your peace of mind.

WMS service

Preventive Maintenance Service

Protect your warehouse management system investment with the WMS Preventive Maintenance Service. The service provides support for the Konecranes WMS software during the operation of the system and includes regular inspection and minor adjustments to maximize availability and minimize the risk of downtime. When you require high-level technical expertise, you can take advantage of troubleshooting support during office hours.

WMS Remote Support

When time is critical WMS Remote Support provides quick response for troubleshooting issues that require high-level technical expertise. Minimize unplanned downtime with 24/7 access to our global network of WMS specialists supported by local Standby Service.

In controlled circumstances, and assisted by local Standby Service, a two-way on-line communication with the local WMS system and their operators can be established to expedite corrective action.

Designed for paper handling

We design equipment specifically for moving paper rolls, so your valuable inventory stays in good condition throughout the entire process. Specialized equipment gives you faster and safer work cycles. Combined with the Konecranes trademark strength, durability, and world-class service, our equipment and service are a wise investment providing highest lifecycle value.

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