Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

Streamline your storage handling

Leaders in the paper and forest industry must innovate continuously to meet changing demands. As the industry landscape has changed, its adaptations have kept it thriving. For example, technology has helped to build a global market committed to automation. All paper companies want to reduce operating costs, but the conventional approach of “work smarter” needs new inspiration. Automation presents tremendous opportunities for increased efficiency and cost reductions.

Konecranes has been involved in pulp, paper and wood since the 1920s, and our customers have got to know us as a partner with a clear vision that helps them to succeed. As we continue to develop our equipment and services, we produce new product enhancements, such as the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). Specially designed for paper storage facilities, this system uses fully-automated cranes to help speed up work cycles, reduce roll damage and track inventory. Utilizing vertical stacking and without the need for forklifts or open aisles, it is particularly suited for mills with limited space.

Customer story - Metsa Fibre, Finland

“We wanted to increase the efficiency of the pulp logistics chain. Two bridge cranes and the unique grippers from Konecranes are an essential part of loading. In a bioproduct mill as large as ours, the logistics and delivery process, and their operational flow, are vitally important, which is why these grippers and the train wagons have been customized for our product dimensions. “

Kristian Isaksson, Development Manager, Metsä Fibre



The storage and retrieval system is automated and expandable so your mill can do more work with the same number of employees.

  • Overload and overspeed protection, crane motion limits, emergency stops
  • Programmable storage criteria
  • Integrated handling system
  • Storage management software for tracking the location of each roll
  • Motion sensors detect unauthorized entry and stops equipment
  • Data communication and content tailored for plant systems
  • Separate protected areas within normal operating area
  • Manual operation for maintenance


Konecranes Automatic Storage and Retrieval System helps you increase productivity with faster handling capacity and effective warehouse management.

  • Better storage handling
  • Faster work cycles
  • Reduced roll damage
  • Tracks down inventory
  • Automated and expandable
  • Lower energy costs and environmental impact
  • Fully automated
  • Reduced labor and capital costs
  • Synchronized access to the automated area with crane operation
  • Enhanced safety with separate protected areas within the normal operating area

Automatic, safe and efficient

Pulp and paper is very well-suited for automation. In critical areas of a mill, automated cranes can help reduce labor costs, optimize storage, track inventory, reduce roll damage, increase productivity, and lower the capital expense of forklifts. Automation already enhances mill safety, productivity and profitability in many locations, and in the future, will be an essential part of every paper mill.

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