Konecranes’ Slings and Accessories Inspection gives customers fast, reliable access to lifting attachment data

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Konecranes’ latest digital offering combines radio frequency identification (RFID) tags with a new smartphone app to help users quickly and reliably identify load lifting attachments and check inspection data. This innovative approach supports Konecranes Service’s mission to provide smart technology and a digitally enabled customer experience to improve the safety, productivity and sustainability of our customers' operations.

The safe use of lifting attachments requires regular inspections to make sure they are working properly. Konecranes’ Slings and Accessories Inspection can identify deficiencies or deviations from applicable standards and regulations that may pose risks to the safe use of a customer’s assets. That inspection —which combines identification tags and a new, easy-to-use app — increases safety and helps customers keep track of their equipment and inspection information.

“While the attachments or accessories are inspected, they are equipped with RFID tags, which optimizes future inspections and provides users an efficient identification process and reliable data,” said Kevin Richardt, product manager at Konecranes.

“Konecranes’ Slings and Accessories Inspection, combined with our yourKONECRANES customer portal, gives customers a comprehensive system to manage their attachments,” said Richardt. “The customer portal provides detailed product data, inspection results and reports, and the data is encrypted, giving users secure access to all of their lifting related data in one place at any time.”

By using the Slings and Accessories Inspection app, each individual user can be quickly and easily equipped to use the tags without having to purchase specialized readers. The smartphone app is used to read the unique identifier from the RFID tag to check if the attachment is safe to use. It’s a convenient way to get detailed device information directly on-site at any time as well as to collect data for attachment replacements.

The Slings and Accessories Inspection app can be downloaded for free on the Apple AppStore and from Google Play for Android devices.

A strong focus on customers and commitment to business growth and continuous improvement make Konecranes a lifting industry leader. This is underpinned by investments in digitalization and technology, plus our work to make material flows more efficient with solutions that decarbonize the economy and advance circularity and safety.

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Kevin Richardt, Product Manager, Konecranes Service
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