Jib cranes

For a changing work environment

Konecranes jib cranes are suitable for almost any kind of workstation, from small workshops to big factory assembly lines, storage areas and loading bays. Whether you need to lift a single piece of equipment or add capacity to an entire process, a wide range of options provides solutions for most industrial facilities.

Our jib crane has a load capacity of up to 2,000 kg and a slewing motion that can reach 300 degrees with a pillar jib. There are several different ways to fix the jib to the wall or the floor and broad selection of hoist units such as electric chain hoists and pneumatic lifting devices.

The flexibility and durability of our jib cranes allow you to keep using them in other parts of your facility when your work environment changes. They are also easy to install and relocate, reducing the cost of your downtime, and giving your jib crane a long and productive lifecycle.

Designed for a better user experience

Jib cranes are an integral part of any plant process and require both speed and accuracy. Easy to use, our jibs allow fast and safe load handling. We have carefully engineered them to maximize your work efficiency while enhancing the safety and comfort of your operators through advanced ergonomic design.

The crane features smooth running on trolleys, precision slewing bearings and easy movement, no matter which beam option you have. Our slewing limitor halts the movement of your jib crane to keep defined areas protected, and mounting options let you define safe spaces around the crane.

Your operators will be safer, more comfortable and more productive. The Konecranes jib crane is designed to help improve the safety and efficiency of your workplace.

Stress-free lifting with low maintenance

Designed for easy serviceability, our jib cranes require very low maintenance to stay in full working order. It will help keep your processes running and minimize your downtime.

Our hoists, pneumatic lifting devices and other attachments are also easy to maintain and service.

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