CLX Chain Hoist Cranes

A better chain hoist

The heart of the Konecranes CLX crane is the Konecranes CLX chain hoist. Suitable for many different industries, it is ideal for general manufacturing, maintenance and anywhere you need to lift up to 5 tons.

With the CLX, you get low total cost of ownership through the latest available technology and structural design giving you the best in ergonomics, durability and reliability.

The reliable, easy-to-use lifting solution

Its tough, robust design and smooth controls make the CLX chain hoist crane a strong link in your manufacturing process. The hoist is simple to maintain, with easy service access. It also includes a maintenance-free gearbox and self-adjusting magnetic brake that doesn't need adjustment. Your downtime is minimized.

The right lifting tool becomes a natural part of your process. If a crane is easy to use, the operator gets less fatigued, the crane is safer, and your whole facility is more productive. The CLX chain hoist crane has stepless travelling movements and an ergonomic pendant for smooth and efficient operation.

Lifting value

At Konecranes, we understand that every customer is different and has different needs. We will customize your CLX crane to meet your application requirements. It has the flexibility to be configured into various industrial settings – from the most basic to the most demanding.

Our CLX hoist can also be added to your existing equipment to modernize it.

Contact Konecranes to learn more about how our CLX chain hoist cranes suit your lifting needs.