Active Sway Control

Sway control that is always on the job

crane advisor

Crane operators in high-volume production environments must maintain peak productivity. They depend on short duty cycles and don’t have time to wait for swinging loads to settle. And they cannot risk exposing their coworkers and surrounding work areas to the danger of load swings.

The Active Sway Control Smart Feature addresses both concerns—and more.

Automatic elimination of load sway

The Konecranes Active Sway Control feature automatically eliminates load sway during crane operation. It is based on continual measurement of the rope angle.

Waiting for load sway to stop or attempting to prevent or reduce it can considerably lengthen the duty cycle.

Load sway can also be dangerous and increase the risk of collision.

Faster cycle times and heightened safety

The crane operator turns on Active Sway Control with the selector switch on the crane’s radio controller. After that, the feature is always on in every lifting situation.

Active Sway Control fine tunes the operator’s speed command and stabilizes load movement in both trolley and bridge travel. Therefore, load sway is minimized throughout the duty cycle.

Active Sway Control means improved operational safety, faster load cycle times, ease of crane operation and less wear and tear on crane components.

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