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When it comes to electric wire rope hoists, no one has a stronger reputation than Konecranes. From some of the smallest manual hoists in the world, to the largest Goliath Gantry crane in the world, Konecranes has produced practically every type of overhead crane for a variety of industries across the globe. 

As a crane manufacturer, Konecranes can offer a wide range of products, which can be bought as standard or customized to fit a specific application. Konecranes has a wide product offering, with a large manufacturing network that can adjust, change or completely customize cranes and hoists for their particular environment. 

Hoists for all your working needs

Konecranes industrial crane products are made in the preferred size for industrial settings—compact, with more headroom and lifting height than typical hoists. This allows the floor area under the cranes to be used more efficiently, minimizing the required height above and below the crane. The initial savings in building investment as well as in heating, air conditioning and other costs amount to considerable savings.

To further increase the productivity and safety of your facility, CXT hoists can be customized with inverter speed controls, radio controls and smart features.CXT single girder

Konecranes can provide the EX CXT Hazardous Environment Hoists built specifically for use in gas hazardous environments Zone 1 and 2.

For heavier industrial settings, Konecranes can create process and engineered cranes, which can be semi-automated with smart features to improve crane usability and performance or fully-automated for advanced precision work. 

Satisfied electric wire rope customer

After years of major breakdowns, Konecranes convinced this automotive parts manufacturer to upgrade to using new CXT Wire Rope Hoists. This, combined with regular inspections from Konecranes, reduced downtime at the facility by 85%.

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