Konecranes employees are central to our success and bring our strategy to life. We are happy to see that the 2019 Employee Engagement Survey (EES) showed a positive trend for the majority of the results throughout all respondent groups. Our people are highly committed to developing Konecranes together. This is visible in the number of respondents to our employee surveys: in 2019 over 12,000 employees took part, that is around 74% of our total workforce.

Timo Leskinen Img
Timo Leskinen, Senior Vice President, Human Resources


Being the driver of your own career development

Over the years, Konecranes has established a strong result-driven, diverse and supportive working environment where our talented and engaged people are encouraged to be the driver of their own learning and career development. According to the results of 2019 EES, our employees are motivated by challenging and interesting projects, they enjoy their work, and they feel trusted by their manager and respected by their colleagues. We aim to help our employees improve their competencies and confidence at work, and therefore accelerate their professional growth and achieve their aspiration targets faster. Thus, we are proud and happy to see in the EES’s results this year that our employees feel their contribution is important for the team’s success and feel better supported in their professional development more than ever before, and hence are highly committed to the company.

"I am really proud of our employees’ commitment to Konecranes, the work they do and the service they provide for our customers. As a company we are committed to providing great jobs and opportunities for our current and future employees,” said Timo Leskinen, Senior Vice President, Human Resources.


Supporting Diversity and Inclusion at the Workplace

Being a global company, one of our top focus areas is to provide an international and professional working culture where all employees are equally and continuously offered opportunities to learn and to grow. Representing a multitude of cultures and speaking different languages, we are happy to see that in the EES 2019 survey, a majority of our employees agree that diversity and inclusion are not only rooted in company values but also reflected throughout our global workforce.

“Diversity and Inclusion is not a program or a short-term initiative, but rather our cultural soul. It has emotional resonance, valuing the uniqueness that all of us have. By being curious and welcoming difference, we can be a more innovative and attractive company and dynamic partner for our customers,” said Mara Zavagno, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.


Cultivating the Workplace of the Future

Moreover, we continue making Konecranes an even better place to work. We seek growth opportunities through innovation and digitization. Our innovation focuses not only on a product, technology and service solution, but also on new ways of working for our people. Accordingly, the regular employee engagement survey helps our company, departments and teams utilize the results to identify and address underlying concerns, increase workplace transparency, indicate trends and take immediate action when needed, and hence maintain the positive flow at work.

We want to keep offering our current and future employees the international working environment where they can deepen their professional knowledge as well as broaden their career paths. Everything we do, we do with passion and drive. This is what makes Konecranes a unique place to work.


Lift your career with us!

As a global company having more than 16 000 employees across 50 countries, we are constantly looking for new talents for different positions internationally. Does this sound like a company you want to join? Check out our open positions and apply now!


Employee Engagement Survey 2019 Results


We enjoy our work everyday

90% of the respondents find their work interesting and challenging.

88% of the respondents enjoy the work on their typical day.


We build great work relationships

84% of the respondents feel trusted by their manager.

92% of the respondents feel respected by their colleagues.


We are committed to our company

92% of the respondents find their contribution recognized and appreciated in the unit.

85% of the respondents want to stay with the company for a longer term.

What our people are saying?

jannie chen

Jannie Chen

HR Specialist

"I really feel that Konecranes has the culture of open communication, trusting people, a good working atmostphere, nice colleagues, and an encouraging working life balance."

Amina Peerzade Img

Amina Peerzade

Siebel IT Administrator

“Konecranes is truly a special place to work. Despite of the nationality, location, sex, it gives you an opportunity to grow. The possibilities are endless.”

Mikko Leppänen image

Mikko Leppänen

Reliability Technician

“I am motivated by varying tasks and a good working atmosphere. Konecranes is a great place to work, as it is a stable employer with a good work cycle and great atmosphere.”

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Meet Our People

Go and see the videos or read the stories of the wonderful people and roles we have at Konecranes!