Cask handling cranes

Cask Handling crane

Confidence from experience

While casks have been an essential part of the nuclear industry’s transportation of radioactive materials for decades, that role has significantly expanded in recent years, particularly with respect to the storage of spent fuel for plant sites around the world. Spent fuel transportation has long been established as an important part of the industrial activities in the backend of the nuclear fuel cycle, especially for the reprocessing industry. 
Konecranes Cask handling cranes are specialized cranes which utilizes the latest generation of single-failure-proof technology to move nuclear spent fuel safely and efficiently. We understand the complexity of nuclear cask handling, and the importance of coordinating precision operation, safety, and reliability. 


  • Patented grapple design
  • Interchangeable tools system
  • Pl-d, PL-e, SL3 safety functions
  • Plant storage automation interface
  • Fail-safe operator controls
  • variable speed controls
  • Integrated cask grapple system
  • Multiple redundant single failure proof features


  • Designed to maximize the working cycles per hour 
  • Precise and fast load handling with modern controls
  • Longer wheel and rail lifetime with forged steel wheels with precision bearing housing
  • Longer life and more return on investment due to core of lifting components
  • Reduced vibration with stiff box-type steel structure 
  • easy access to electrical enclosures
  • Added safety with Redundancy in all critical component
  • Simplified and minimized maintenance costs with easy cleaning

Track record of success

Nuclear power industry depends on equipment that is designed to operate safely, reliably, and in compliance with stringent quality and regulatory requirements. Konecranes can expertly provide all nuclear material handling equipment, services, and modernizations needed in nuclear facilities.
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