Customer story

Norris Production Solutions & Konecranes develop a good working relationship

Konecranes technician walks past service truck

Norris Production Solutions is the world’s largest producer of sucker rods which join the surface and downhole components of reciprocating piston pumps for the oil and natural gas drilling industry.

The luck of cold call?

Sales representatives make lots of cold calls and manage to make some at just the right time. That was the case when Konecranes Charles Shorter made a call to Norris Rods. The company, part of Norris Production Solutions, was primed to find a new overhead crane inspection and service provider – one they could depend on. And that wasn’t all. One of Norris’ two overhead cranes–both essential to daily operations–was causing concerns. The contactor bar which supplies electrical power to the 12.5-ton crane was coming loose. The crane unloads steel delivered for production. And each day it loads trucks with about 1,600 finished rods, each 30 feet long, of varying diameters and weighing 47 to 105 pounds each. Downtime was not an option.


Desperation sets in

The troubled crane had stopped working altogether, and Norris needed it working as soon as possible. An emergency call was made to Konecranes.


Konecranes service gets Norris working again

Konecranes deployed a technician immediately. Within four hours of the call, he had replaced a section of the faulty contactor bar and returned the crane to service. While he was there, he was asked to look at Norris’ other crane, a 5-ton overhead crane used inside the facility. Its horn had stopped working. “In less than two minutes he figured out what was wrong and had it working, too,” Jimmy Garcia, Shop Supervisor, Norris Rods said.

“It was perfect timing as they were looking for a new crane service provider,” Shorter said. “They saw that we were able to drop everything and respond immediately to their need.”

Konecranes has been serving Norris ever since.

“When the cranes aren’t working, we’re not working. We’re more comfortable now with the quarterly inspections because Konecranes identifies problems before they happen. We haven’t had problems or downtime with our cranes since then," Jimmy Garcia said.


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