Roll handling cranes in paper mill
Customer story

A British Columbia paper mill works with Konecranes to cut down on lost productivity and accidents

Some of the biggest success stories can stem from a simple site audit. The importance of putting on safety gear and taking a walk through a customer site is a vital part of what puts Konecranes at the forefront of the industry. A recent site visit to a pulp and paper company in British Columbia revealed an opportunity to help a once-vital industry come back from the brink after struggling for years.

When a resurgence in the paper industry started up in 2010, mills in the British Columbia area were back up and running at full production, and plant upgrades were needed across the board. An initial site inspection revealed much more than just the need for some simple equipment upgrades and maintenance.

A list provided by the customer showed a total of 19 lifting devices that were in service. After a day of touring the mill thoroughly, Konecranes found a total of 111 lifting devices, some which had never been inspected and others that were years past due from their last proper upgrade. After Konecranes provided a full report of the site inspection, it was found that due to the large number of safety violations and repairs needed, the customer didn’t have enough in the budget to make the proper and necessary changes.

The process had to be started once again–this time working with the plant’s parent company and introducing them to what Konecranes could do for their mill operations. The management team at the plant realized the benefits of working with Konecranes on their inspections and repairs, and the order was promptly placed. Word spread, and before long Konecranes inspected another mill with similar findings; 42 lifting devices on the books and 126 devices found during the site audit. Based on its success with the first mill, Konecranes quickly signed on for a three-year maintenance plan that provides frequent inspections and repairs. Since then, Konecranes has started to schedule site audits at additional paper mills throughout Canada.

By working with Konecranes to handle their regular inspections, the plant managers realized the value of keeping their equipment safe and up to date, cutting down on accidents and lost productivity at a time when the industry was bouncing back after a few years of struggle.