Konecranes EX C-series electric chain hoist for Zone 1/2/21

Outstanding performance and safety in compact and efficient lifting

Konecranes EX C-series electric chain hoist for Zone 1/2/21The new Konecranes EX C-series electric chain hoist for Zone 1/ 2/ 21 is the latest addition to our comprehensive explosion proof product offering. Designed and tested to meet the gas hazardous environment Zone 1 requirements and dust hazardous environment Zone 21 requirements and built smart with our Core of Lifting components, the hoist is tough, safe, precise and reliable. One EX certificate for the complete hoist ensures safe operation in potentially explosive environments.

An ergonomic and efficient lifting partner, the Konecranes EX C-series for Zone 1/2/21 supports your applications and processes in hazardous locations with loads up to 2 500 kg. Its Core of Lifting components include a purpose-built motor, controls, and gearbox. The Konecranes EX C-series hoist for hazardous environments is easy to operate and boosts your productivity with long-term reliability and minimal scheduled maintenance.

Product features

The Konecranes EX C-series electric chain hoist for Zone 1/21/21 is equipped with many standard features for performance and reliability:

  • Designed and tested specifically to fulfil ATEX and IECEx requirements for use in Zone 1, 2 and 21 explosive atmospheres.
  • One EX certificate for the complete hoist. The entire hoist and all required components are properly Ex-proof rated and tested to ensure the safe use of the hoist in potentially explosive environments.
  • Extensive product range allows selection of suspensions and trolleys for a unique hoist that meets any lifting application.
  • Different product variants for demanding Zone 1 and Zone 2 gas hazardous environments and for Zone 21 dust hazardous environment.
  • Hoist for gas hazardous environment available also as IIC gas group variant, which makes it suitable for hydrogen environments.
  • Maximum surface temperature of 120°C and most demanding IIIC dust classification ensures the safe use of the equipment in demanding Zone 21 dust hazardous environments.
  • IP66 ingress protection
  • Temperature monitoring prevents overheating of the equipment.
  • Wide standard operating ambient temperature range from -20°C to +40°C enables the safe use of the equipment in various locations throughout the year. Ambient temperature up to +60C available as special configuration.
  • Self-adjusting brake requiring little maintenance. 
  • Easily adjustable slipping clutch prevents hoist overload.
  • Modular trolley easily adjustable to flange width.
  • Precision gears with lifetime lubrication.

Technical specs

Duty Class Up to FEM 3m/ISO M6
Certifications ATEX, IECEx, CE, RoHS
Lifting Capacity Up to 2,500 kg
Electrics Wide voltage range with low voltage control
Hooks According to DIN 15401
Paint Aluminium alloy component painted with epoxy polyester powder painting (60-120 μm)
Hoist control ATEX rated pendant with cable
Chain Galvanized case-hardened DAT-chain or optional stainless steel chain
Suspension Bracket + a full range of trolleys
Ambient Temperature range -20°C - +40°C, up to +60°C with special configuration
Trolley travelling Inverter controlled trolley travelling
Hoisting mode 2-speed contactor-controlled hoisting


  • Helps maintain safety of operators and facilities in potentially explosive environments
  • Safe, reliable and easy to operate 2-speed contactor control technology for hoisting and smooth and accurate inverter- controlled trolley travelling 
  • Longer continuous operation with Cycling Duty Factor of up to 60% 
  • Brakes always engage in case of power loss
  • Wide variety of lifting speeds
  • Hoist shape and approach dimensions give control, mobility and efficient use of workspace
  • Ergonomic design and intuitive controls improve safety and productivity
  • One EX certificate for the complete hoist

Want to know more about EX hoists?

Contact us to learn more about how the Konecranes EX C-series electric chain hoist for Zone 1/2/21 can fulfill your lifting needs.

High level of performance and reliability

Konecranes EX equipment is specially designed for the demanding requirements of hazardous environments. Our design quality, technical expertise and after-sales service helps your equipment stay safe to run and fully operational throughout a long and productive lifecycle.

Performance and safety you need

Our Konecranes EX C-series hoist for Zone 1/2/21 is safe, reliable and easy to operate. It gives you a high level of performance and reliability you need for an explosive atmosphere. The Konecranes EX C-series hoist is designed to maintain the safety of your operators and the extensive product range allows you to select the needed hoist model for your application. 


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