A person standing in front of a crane wearing safety gear.

What’s up there? Hook? Steel structure? Smart crane?

All of them.

Look up. In any waste to energy manufacturing facility in the world the ceiling is full of action. You will see uplifts that support the process of turning waste or biofuel into energy.

Among the bustling machineries above, the unsung heroes are the cranes—the silent workhorses ensuring seamless operations. One of the most preferred partners in the world of lifting waste is Konecranes. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence, offers cutting-edge waste-to-energy equipment and services, leveraging extensive experience in the lifting industry and unparalleled expertise in modern crane technology tailored specifically for the waste-to-energy sector.

A crane claw grabbing waste at a facility.

Who we are

The renewable energy industry presents some of the most intricate material handling challenges, and for over 50 years, Konecranes has adeptly navigated the exacting demands of the industry with custom solutions. Equipped with both expertise and resources, we offer not only exceptional products but also localized maintenance contracts that ensure your cranes are safe and productive investment. Recognized by our customers as a visionary partner, we facilitate their success in reliably, safely, and sustainably managing waste handling demands.

What we are known for

A person operating a crane claw in a waste facility.


Konecranes has earned global recognition for pioneering and advancing modern lifting technology tailored for waste-to-energy industries. Our innovative Smart Features, including Load Control, Sway Control, Target Positioning, and Protected Areas, accelerate load movement, enhance handling precision, and minimize potential operator errors. Additionally, our energy-efficient technology harnesses regenerative network braking, effectively curbing energy consumption and lessening the environmental footprint of our cranes.

A person wearing safety gear at a Konecranes facility.


In environments characterized by harsh dust and high demands of waste handling with round-the-clock processes, safety stands as a paramount requirement. At Konecranes, irrespective of the urgency or significance of a task, we prioritize safety above all else. No job is deemed too crucial, no service too urgent that compromises our commitment to executing our work safely and accurately.

A Konecranes crane being operated at a facility.


Beginning with the inception of our design process, Konecranes steadfastly integrates usability, eco-efficiency, and safety as fundamental guiding principles throughout the entire life cycle of each crane. Our commitment to operational efficiency is unwavering—we prioritize the minimization of energy, raw material, and chemical usage, recognizing their essential role in crafting sustainable solutions.

An image showing crane claws at a Konecranes facility.

Optimising your operations

Konecranes equipment and services are at work everywhere, in almost every process of the Waste to energy industry. Our long history in the lifting business, coupled with extensive knowledge of modern crane technology and Waste to energy processes, makes us particularly able to satisfy the demands of this field.


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