Automated Cranes

Making your life easier with automated cranes

Konecranes makes every type of overhead crane, from basic standard models to unique tailored cranes designed for the most demanding lifting requirements. Our automated cranes make your life easier. Imagine your processes more streamlined and the safety in your facility greatly enhanced. This is what you get with Konecranes automated overhead cranes.

Do more with automated cranes

We make two types of automated cranes. In the semi-automatic, various features assist the operator, but allow more manual control. With a fully-automated crane, the operator makes the settings, and the crane automatically takes care of repetitive or difficult actions. This is especially useful in demanding and hazardous environments.

Automated overhead cranes can reduce labor costs, track inventory, optimize storage, reduce damage, increase productivity and reduce the capital expense associated with forklift systems. Some common applications include steel coil and paper roll handling, waste-to-energy, shipbuilding, container handling, food production, metals processing, and general manufacturing.

The latest lifting technology now

Every crane from Konecranes utilizes the most recent developments in software and engineering to ensure it is the most advanced it can be on delivery. As technology develops, our cranes are designed to make modernization easy.

Whatever your lifting need, we have a lifting solution.

Contact Konecranes today to learn more about how our automated cranes suit your lifting needs.


TERSA, Sant Adríá, Waste-to-Energy plant, Barcelona, Spain 2013

Quebec City Waste to Energy Facility