What sets Konecranes Service apart?

Digitalization and the evolution of service 

In all industries, and all over the globe, most companies are talking about digitalization and the Internet of Things. But in Konecranes Service, we are not just talking about the industrial internet, we are already using it, transforming the delivery of maintenance services in every aspect of our day-to-day operations. 

Our customers expect transparency, speed and real-time service and we can provide it with the processes and systems that make up our digital ecosystem. From our back-end systems that help us manage our customer relationships, assets and service activities to our front-end customer portal, ecommerce site and apps. 

We are also leading the way in the pursuit of prescriptive maintenance. The evolution from preventive to predictive maintenance is well underway. Preventive maintenance is supplemented with condition monitoring, advanced inspections and analytics. Data provides insights which drive recommendations and actions. A cycle of “data, insights, actions” begins, and as this cycle repeats over time, our maintenance predictions become faster and more precise. 

Connecting with customers on a personal basis

Our consultative approach can help guide your decision making. We don’t just drop off a report on the way out. We take time to meet with you one-on-one and share our findings, provide recommendations based on our industry-leading expertise and discuss how each action impacts your operations and the entire health of your business.

Inspection and preventive maintenance services include several key consultations including:

Safety Review

Safety ReviewWhenever a safety-related risk is detected, the inspector or technician will carry out a Safety Review with the customer before leaving the site or returning the equipment to operation.

Visit Review

Visit ReviewAt the completion of each service request, the inspector or technician will perform a Visit Review on site to share the insights of their inspection or maintenance findings, review the identified risks and improvement opportunities, and obtain decisions on recommended actions. 

Service Review

Service ReviewWithin two business days, the local branch will follow up with a Service Review in person, online or by phone. We’ll go through open risk/recommendations and quotations to address them, answer the customer’s questions or concerns and document next steps. The service review will be performed using live data on yourKONECRANES.com.

Business Review

Business ReviewOnce a year or as needed, we’ll conduct a Business Review at our customer’s management level. This is an in-depth review of our service relationship -- looking at progress, feedback and documented value. We’ll discuss recommendations and plan jointly. The business review will be performed using live data on yourKONECRANES.com.

Assessing risks and providing recommendations

Our proprietary Risk and Recommendation Method is the basis of our inspection and preventive maintenance processes. No matter what service is being performed, Konecranes Risk and Recommendation Method drives our evaluations and consultative processes, giving you a safety and production advantage. 

  1. A component is inspected in order to ascertain its condition 
  2. The component is either in acceptable condition or it needs attention  
  3. Exceptions (failures, deficiencies, violations) are documented
  4. Each exception is assigned one of three risk types (safety risk, production risk, undetermined condition)
  5. In addition to exceptions, improvement opportunities are identified
  6. Recommended actions are provided for each exception and improvement opportunity

Risks and recommendations are highlighted in your Service Report and noted on the yourKONECRANES customer portal to help you prioritize maintenance actions and take advantage of improvement opportunities.

Safety Risk

Risks and recommendationsIndicates an unsafe condition. Failure to remedy such condition before continued operation of the identified asset may result in personal injury, including death, or property damage. 

Production Risk

Indicates an inefficient condition. Failure to remedy such condition before continued operation of the identified asset may result in inefficient asset performance or an interruption in production. 

Undetermined Condition

Indicates that the condition could not be verified through visual inspection as a result of asset configuration and/or obstruction. 

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Improvement Opportunity

Indicates a potential opportunity to improve the safety, productivity, application or useful life of the asset. These suggestions are not necessarily tied to a particular fault.